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    General Best place to live in Oxfordshire?

    Stonesfield would seem to tick those boxes
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    Fan's View - FA Cup 3rd Rd - Hartlepool

    Thank you Paul. Love reading your FVs.
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    General Word Association

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    Matches IFollow Doncaster (A)

    The Donny Rovers website is ‘advertising’ iFollow video passes for £10 so I assume that it will be available to watch via iFollow Oxford United (as it is not a Saturday).
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    Away MDT +++ L1 29/12/2019 AFC Wimbledon v OUFC +++

    The restrictions really are a load of crap. One day they will actually care about the customer (maybe)! I get it for Saturdays but not for all ticket games which aren’t on Saturdays. Aaargh!
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    Home MDT +++ 21/12/19 OUFC v Wycombe Wanderers +++

    Wycombe do have done good players. If they gave up with all of the sh!t stuff and played football they might actually do well and be enjoyable to watch.
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    General Traffic Management

    Apart from the fact that in the original planning permission for the cinema it was not supposed to operate at the same time as home games - something else Ka$$am ignored and the council did f#ck all about!
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    Simon Eastwood

    What I mean is that by, effectively, limiting Jack Stevens’ appearances he hasn’t gained as much experience. Jack should have played in more of the ‘less important’ (generally cup) games. Consequently our only back up keeper is very inexperienced.
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    Simon Eastwood

    This just shows the foolhardiness of allowing Eastwood to dictate that he should play as many games as he is available for (because he spent so much of his career on the bench at his various clubs). I assume he’ll be moving back ‘up norf’ in the summer so maybe a good replacement should be...
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    Current Player Help Nico with trivia thread

    What’s the principal port for Ecuador?
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    Fan's View 19/20 - Rotherham Away

    Thank you Paul. Great read as usual.
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    Match Buildup Ipswich Town (H) Sat 16th Nov

    I think there is a chance this will be the case but I guess that until squads are announced nothing is certain.
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    Simon Eastwood

    I thought I heard Eastwood say (in an aftermatch interview with Radio Oxford - which I can't find now) that he was here until next Summer - "or January at least". Anyone else hear this or did I dream it? If I didn't dream it - I presume that Eastwood has something planned and we're looking to...
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    Fan's View 19/20 - Blackpool Away

    Thank you Paul. Very good read. Really look forward to your musings.
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    Ex Player Good story on Billy Whitehurst

    Met him once in the Summer. He was bricklaying!
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    Fan's View - Luton away

    Thank you Paul. Your FVs add to my enjoyment. Bloody well written. I wish I was a quarter of the wordsmith you are. Have a good summer. Come on you Us!
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    Why is Luton a 5:30PM kick off?

    We won last time we played Luton on TV [emoji3]
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    Why is Luton a 5:30PM kick off?

    A reasonable chance we’ll be Live on Sky then. [emoji3]
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    Why is Luton a 5:30PM kick off?

    Why are all of the League 1 games kicking off at 5:30PM rather than 3PM. Anyone on here know? Thanks
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