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    Man City match receipts

    Can they choose their transport? Presumably, travelling down in a coach would be less expensive than flying in a fleet of gold-plated helicopters, or however they usually travel to away games...
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    What if..

    Not the Co-Op in Sao Paolo?
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    What do we know?

    If that's the case - and it sounds plausible on the face of it - why are we vilifying Eales? As you say, it was never his plan to simply gift the club millions - he hoped to invest and sell at a profit. Along the way, he developed an affection for the club and still attends games. He didn’t get...
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    What do we know?

    I hear you. You enjoyed some of Project Eales though I guess? I certainly did and I'm a lot happier now than I was when he first took over! It is uncertain, but at least it gives us something to talk about...
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    What do we know?

    If Darryl's interests have no longer aligned with OUFC's over the last year, should we be more or less upset/worried about the current situation than we have been over the last period of his reign? Of course very few people think the current situation is brilliant (myself included), but I'd be...
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    What do we know?

    Just to add... if your explanation is correct, then Tiger is stupid and Eales is the real villain?
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    What do we know?

    Thanks - that is an explanation. It assumes Tiger is stupid, of course, but he may well be I suppose! Why do you say "BUT it's a football forum FFS."? I don't think I suggested it wasn't or that anyone shouldn't have opinions or voice them, did I? I'm just trying to get to the bottom of why...
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    What do we know?

    Quite a few people on here appear to be very alarmed by the take-over. These people seem, on the whole, to be those who don’t like Eales. So, just wondering if those people are happier or less happy with Tiger as owner rather than Eales? And what is Tiger’s actual agenda (nefarious or...
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    Craig Bellamy the new favourite!!

    Has anyone turned us down? Ruling yourself out isn't the same as turning us down... You can only turn something down if you've actually been offered it and, from what I can tell, we're still considering options and talking to people and haven't actually offered it to anyone yet. Michael...
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