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    Argyle sack Derek Adams

    A strange move with 1 game to go, but their forum suggests it is needed to unite everyone for the final match against scunny that they need to win
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    End of match day programmes

    The EFL are going to discuss whether match day programmes need to be published for every match. It seems sales are falling as people read on line. I did not know it was a rule that clubs had to print one. In my younger days I always bought a programme home and away. I also used to buy...
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    Away MDT Walsall Away

    Looks like the Walsall Supporters Association are planning a protest at our game on Jan 13th. They are not happy with owners/direction of club. Supporters are encouraged to stand outside the ground and not enter at all. STs to go in but buy no food or drink and leave on 80 mins whatever the...
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