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    Hartlepool and remembering those we’ve lost

    This Saturday we’ll pay our respects to those @OUFCOfficial who we’ve lost within the past 12 months. That said, we’d like all fans to also pay respect to the legend of John Shuker by raising the roof of the Kassam with a minutes applause and song for the 77th minute. thanks
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    Wycombe and Jim Smith Flag

    Via PayPal. Details at the top of the thread. If you don’t have paypal, we can arrange payment via private message
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    Wycombe and Jim Smith Flag

    Thanks to all fans again for the week we’ve had. Tiger dropped us a line to ask us to say thanks, because of the impact you all had on Wednesday: "Amazing Wednesday night” I was impressed with how our supporters decorated The East stand, it looked amazing! The loud noise that was created from...
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    Wycombe and Jim Smith Flag

    They have never gone away. As far as we’re aware, this is a one off gesture to pay respects to Jim.
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    Wycombe and Jim Smith Flag

    We have 4 tickets for tomorrow’s game to give away due to the kind generosity of one of our members. If you’d like one of them, for the Jim Smith Stand, please DM us. THESE TICKETS HAVE NOW BEEN TAKEN. On the subject of Jim. There will be a huge surfer flag within the East Stand for him...
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    Member update
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    Member update

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    Member update

    In your inboxes now and will be on our website for all later this morning
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    Blue Plaque

    A bit more info on the Blue Plaque at The Britannia Inn. We hope all fans can pay it a visit and reminisce about those special days spent over the road.......💛💙💛💙💛💙
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    Mural update 15/10/19 update for all to see. As you say, the people have spoken and we will put their vote to action. thanks all for your input.
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    Mural update 15/10/19

    Further background as to why another vote is required on the mural
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    Mural update 15/10/19

    An update on the East Stand mural can be found here 👉🏼… Please take 5 mins to read it and have your say.
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    Shirts For Auction

    OUFC faithful. We have two squad signed shirts available for auction. All proceeds go to Fenton’s Fight. Please bid generously. As these shirts were kindly donated to us by Tiger and the club. We’ll also donate the price of each shirt to the winning: Bid below (x2) 👇🏼👇🏼...
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    August update

    As @Sarge will testify, our members should be in receipt of our August update via your electronic mail inboxes. Safe trip to anyone travelling to Blackpool #OUFC
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    East Stand Mural Project

    For anyone attending on Saturday, we will be manning our stall in the front of the South Stand bar from just after 1pm. Cash donations will be taken if that is your preference. Pop along and ask any questions you like, it’ll be nice to put some faces to forum names.
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    East Stand Mural Project

    Hi Sandy If you read through our meeting notes and updates you’ll see that we have donated thousands of pounds towards a sensory room at the Kassam stadium within the past 18 months. We have also recently presented, together with one of our members, 2 season tickets for exclusive use by OUFC In...
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    East Stand Mural Project

    A further update on the mural and how you can have your say is now available here: We’ve had a good response to the survey already but it hasn’t correlated with fans donating. Please be as generous as you can to help support this project here...
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    Member updates

    Members should have received 2 updates from us last night. The second is in relation to the east stand “mural”. It can be seen by all fans here: #oufc 💛💙 We have further updates over the weekend on a couple of other projects that we have running currently.
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    OxVox Mural at the Kassam Stadium

    We are delighted to announce further information about the mural project, which can be found here:… You can donate to help here: Further detail in respect of the voting will be announced early next week on our...
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    Members update June 2019

    Members should now be in receipt of our June update. We have a few projects coming to fruition, hopefully we’ll release more info within the next week or so! #oufc
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