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    Manager/Coach Jim Smith

    Happy Birthday to Jim, 79 today.
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    Rotherham fan in peace

    Sad to hear about the young Rotherham fan. Puts a football match in proper perspective. RIP
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    General How good are our players?

    Jamie Cook !!!!!! Or do you mean Jamie Brooks ? You are joking if you think he (Cook) had the talent to play ‘at the very top’. Although Cook and Ricketts played in different positions and weren’t like for like footballers I’d say Ricketts was a far better player. Cook was what he was - a bang...
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    General How good are our players?

    In my opinion this current team is better. Playing a league higher for starters and we aren’t just making the numbers up, we are more than holding our own and it’s hard to imagine there are too many better footballing sides than us in L1. Remember the L2 promotion side only came runners up to...
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    Manager/Coach Jim Smith

    Was John Shuker there Saturday ? I presume it was Colin Booth in the wheelchair but didn’t see John. Booth was just a bit before my time by Shuker was a mainstay of the side when I first started watching Oxford in about 1972. Sad to hear he’s struggling. He lived in Bampton when I did and was...
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    Current Player Alex Gorrin

    3 positive sentences and 2 paragraphs of twaddle. F*** me, there no pleasing some.
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    James Henry

    A couple of times yesterday I heard Robbo bemoaning the fact that we’d passed up the opportunity to shoot from about 25 yards out, Fosu definitely on one occasion. It’s clear that we are being encouraged to have a dig from distance - unlike a lot of teams who often want to walk it in - so all...
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    Current Player Alex Gorrin

    Impressive recruitment by us too. He only played 20 odd games for Motherwell and before that it was a fairly nomadic stop start career so for us to have spotted his potential in less than half a season speaks volumes for the work we are doing behind the scenes.
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    Current Player Alex Gorrin

    Unsung hero. Colossal performance today. Reads the game brilliantly and I lost count of the number of times he just got a foot in to nick the ball when he had no right to. Threaded some lovely balls through too. His job will go largely unnoticed given the quality of players around him but...
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    Manager/Coach Jim Smith

    I was at the recent ‘Harry Redknapp Evening’ in town and when Jim’s name inevitably cropped up Harry mentioned that he was unwell and it sounded something a bit more serious than just a passing illness. Haven’t seen him at one of our matches for a season or two now either. I guess he must be...
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    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    Judging by some of the interviews I heard from Donald prior to appointing Ross there is absolutely no chance he will go down the Allardyce, O’Neil, Pulis route. These managers in their mid 60’s and with PL backgrounds just aren’t going to relish what’s needed to turn Sunderland around...
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    General Continued Progression and the squad.

    Hanson, Thorne and Forde may have only been bit part players but they’re easily good enough to exert serious pressure on those ahead of them. If Sykes is one to now come in, say for Woodburn, who have we got putting pressure on him to perform week in week out ? These are major blows and I don’t...
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    EPL Man U v Arsenal

    Fred is the scapegoat in that team. He, in my opinion, is nothing like as ineffective as Rashford especially, Lingard or Matic. I’ve watched a fair few of their games lately and anyone saying he is worse than those three knows absolutely nothing about the game. Fred is sure no world beater and...
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    Away MDT +++05/10/2019 L1: Accrington Stanley v OUFC

    Not a bad call ! 😉👍
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    Away MDT +++05/10/2019 L1: Accrington Stanley v OUFC

    Feeling a bit edgy about this one. I do think our clean sheet run will go today and think we could even concede two or three, don’t ask me why I think that because we’ve been very solid at the back but we can’t carry on not conceding ! Can we ? I cannot see us not scoring though so heart says...
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    Current Player vote for your September player of the Month

    It’s virtually impossible to call this one. Even the current fringe players - Forde, Baptiste, Long, Sykes etc - have been faultless when called upon. In my opinion the player of the month has to be someone who contributed to the unforgettable night versus West Ham as well as having been a...
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    Current Player George Thorne

    Feel for him because he's had no luck with injuries and was visibly upset leaving the pitch. Robbo said he liked a maverick and I think Thorne has a bit of that about him, in the brief glimpses we saw of him he looked to possess something a bit different to your average L1 footballer. He looked...
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    Ex Player Gavin Whyte - Missing him ?

    Haha, was going to put that as the thread title but thought that'd have been too harsh !!! Missing him or not he was a terrific player for us !!!
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    Ex Player Gavin Whyte - Missing him ?

    I didn't think I'd be saying this but I don't think we are missing Whyte at all. Loved watching him play but we seem so well balanced down his side of the pitch and I think his departure has helped us play more football. Without his pace we are having to play the ball around opposition defences...
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