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  1. Winchesterox


    Would certainly never condone such behaviour, but it is interesting how things have changed over the years. I remember in the 80s getting coins thrown our way, which was quite common. Also remember seeing a lit cigarette being flicked in the LR (right side) and it landed in someone's coat...
  2. Winchesterox

    National News Boris Johnson - PM

    Does anyone really want out on a no-deal basis?
  3. Winchesterox

    Away MDT +++ 16/07/19 PSF: Eastleigh v OUFC MTD +++

    Every chance they might do that, the Solent Cougars are a bit mad
  4. Winchesterox

    Away MDT +++ 16/07/19 PSF: Eastleigh v OUFC MTD +++

    Think it might be on the adjacent training ground, and/or car parks
  5. Winchesterox

    Away MDT +++ 16/07/19 PSF: Eastleigh v OUFC MTD +++

    The Eastleigh no 11 Sam Smart looked a handful, and only 21.
  6. Winchesterox

    Away MDT +++ 16/07/19 PSF: Eastleigh v OUFC MTD +++

    Whereabouts are you HY?
  7. Winchesterox

    Away MDT +++ 07/07/10 PSF: - Glasgow Rangers v OUFC MDT +++

    Oh well, was not expecting anything amazing for the first PSF, but a goal would have been nice
  8. Winchesterox

    Eurovision song contest

    The UK singer is blaming Brexit
  9. Winchesterox

    Eurovision song contest

    I actually decided to watch the end bit this year, when the votes are presented. Didn't hear any songs but was a little amused to see UK finishing last. Assume it was all still farcical, like every year.
  10. Winchesterox

    Portsmouth v Sunderland

    Don't know why Pompey fans and players are so dejected. They still get to play the magnificent Oxford next season.
  11. Winchesterox

    Portsmouth v Sunderland

    Think they said there were 1,379 away fans
  12. Winchesterox

    Portsmouth v Sunderland

    See Maguire's got a yellow
  13. Winchesterox

    League One 'Flares' yesterday (Mackems v Pompey)

    At the moment, Pompey staying down... Happy with that.
  14. Winchesterox

    Conference play off final today

    Wrong but similar thread. Maguire has scored for Sunderland against Pompey. Happy enough for Pompey to stay down.
  15. Winchesterox

    Just how stupid is Danny Baker?

    It is about being careful these days. There are a few things which I keep to myself and only share verbally with my nearest and dearest. Incidentally, I wonder if Baker could have kept his job if H and M had given him a royal pardon or something, with Baker giving an enormous pile of cash to...
  16. Winchesterox

    OUFC staff and players.....

    Well if it makes Tiger feel happier and closer to OUFC, then it should end up being a good thing
  17. Winchesterox

    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    Zebroski missed his pen. Oh well, good effort by Eastleigh, taken to extra time in 2 play off games. Must have been exhausted.
  18. Winchesterox

    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    Oh dear 1-0
  19. Winchesterox

    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    Salford Eastleigh still 0-0 Come on Eastleigh!!
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