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  1. Eaststandboy

    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    Oh Michele Garnier has tweeted: Wonder if this is a sign the EU are willing to rethink things?
  2. Eaststandboy

    Boris or Jeremy?

    I found it tough to pick, so maybe those who didn't vote didn't know who to vote for?
  3. Eaststandboy

    More issues?

    Nothing from the RadOx Twitter feed, for something this big you'd of thought it would have been tweeted.
  4. Eaststandboy

    Transfer targets summer 2019

    Is he joining them on a free? Why not come to us on a free?
  5. Eaststandboy

    Stocks and shares investing

    For free, yes :) Basically giving you $194.26!
  6. Eaststandboy

    Stocks and shares investing

    I really need Legal & General and Taylor Wimpey to rise, currently around £20 down in both! But that was off the back of a dividend pay out.
  7. Eaststandboy

    Digital tickets

    Can Season Tickets be made digital as well. Will be handy for times people forget the cards.
  8. Eaststandboy

    Home MTD +++ 20/07/19 PSF OUFC V QPR+++

    Gone to see The Girl On The Train at the Playhouse. Much better time.
  9. Eaststandboy

    Conference Oxford City have a score board

    Wonder is it's easier to read than our one?
  10. Eaststandboy

    Stocks and shares investing

    DM' you
  11. Eaststandboy

    Stocks and shares investing

    Acacia mining up 18% Today 😀
  12. Eaststandboy

    OxVox Mural at the Kassam Stadium

    An email has been sent out, this is the link to the designs.
  13. Eaststandboy

    Prosecco in the Park moved due to possible thunder

    Cannot believe that the organizers of this event have moved it on the chance of a thunderstorm! We were promised one a few weeks ago and had nothing. Jumped the gun a bit!
  14. Eaststandboy

    Callum O'Dowda

    You'd have thought that seeing as COD was developed by the club and not purchased by DE, we would get the money?
  15. Eaststandboy

    Cricket World Cup 2019 - Section closing 25th July

    I shall be closing the Cricket World Cup 2019 section on Thursday 25th July. It will be moved to the forum archive. The Ashes 2019 section will then open! :)
  16. Eaststandboy

    Fantasy CWC 19

    As normal, i start off logging in every day, then by mid way, never login!
  17. Eaststandboy

    Membership card 2019/20 season?

    Yep, with all this stop using plastic stuff going on, ST and Membership cards could be used for multiple years.
  18. Eaststandboy

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    First 10k completed today. Hard work, but just finishing is an achievement!
  19. Eaststandboy

    CWC 19 : England V New Zealand CWC Final

    Don't think we will ever see an ending like this again. It's been an amazing tournament. The amount of games teams have to play make Football look like fussy and childish! And I echo the comments on here and Twitter, make England games FREE! Even if Sky keep the rights, they should be made to...
  20. Eaststandboy

    Stocks and shares investing

    It's not a bloody pyramid scheme! Lol
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