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  1. Eaststandboy

    Conference Oxford City have a score board

    Wonder is it's easier to read than our one?
  2. Eaststandboy

    Prosecco in the Park moved due to possible thunder

    Cannot believe that the organizers of this event have moved it on the chance of a thunderstorm! We were promised one a few weeks ago and had nothing. Jumped the gun a bit!
  3. Eaststandboy

    Cricket World Cup 2019 - Section closing 25th July

    I shall be closing the Cricket World Cup 2019 section on Thursday 25th July. It will be moved to the forum archive. The Ashes 2019 section will then open! :)
  4. Eaststandboy

    Twitter down?

    Just tried to view the OUFC Twitter feed for tonight's game, but Twitter seems to be down? Anyone else?
  5. Eaststandboy

    Boris or Jeremy?

    Who would you prefer as PM? I joined the Tory party around 6 months ago when I thought May was going to go, purely to be able to vote. Have to say I am unsure as to who I will put on my ballot!
  6. Eaststandboy

    Womens World Cup 2019 Moved

    Well after a great and entertaining competition, this section has been moved to the forum archive as a view only sub-forum:
  7. Eaststandboy

    Fixture card 2019-20 error

    Looks like the games at home to QPR and Fulham have been moved to after the season starts! Has anyone got one of these cards? Hope they club didn't dish out too many before noticing the error!
  8. Eaststandboy

    10k Race for Life - sponsorship call

    Hey I am running the Cancer Research UK Race For Life 10k on Sunday 14th July. For the last few months I have been training towards the Oxford Half Marathon in Oct, so doing this as a great warm up race. The furthest I have run is 8.5k(today). Hoping with support will smash the 10k. Would...
  9. Eaststandboy

    Stocks and shares investing

    Hey I have a referral code for a stocks and shares platform. It allows you to buy shares at no cost, or just £1 for an instant trade. The company are FSA registered, so your money is insured. Contact me via DM if you want the link. Once signed up and account funded, both of us hey a free...
  10. Eaststandboy

    Joe Day to Cardiff

    Any rumours of the Newport goalie coming to us have been quashed, he's gone to Cardiff.
  11. Eaststandboy

    England Under 21's crashing out

    Looks like England U21's are not going to make it past the group stages, lost to France by an own goal (from a £60million rated kid) and just lost to 4-2 against Romania in a cracking final 15 mins. Looks like Ady isn't the man for the U21's!
  12. Eaststandboy

    East Stand Mural

    Already a thread:
  13. Eaststandboy

    East Oxford this week

    It has been a bad week for East Oxford. 1) Fire in flats in BBL 2) The man found dead in the woods of Grenoble Road 3) The Acid attack in BBL 4) Woman found dead (murder inquiry) in Cowley! What a depressing week.
  14. Eaststandboy

    Netherlands v England

    I think we will comfortably beat Netherlands by 2 goals. Have not seen any team news yet, but if they play a lot youngsters, I cannot see them beating us!
  15. Eaststandboy

    CWC 19: England v South Africa - Match thread

    1st v 3rd in the ODI rankings. I think this will be a close game, but we will win! :)
  16. Eaststandboy

    Fantasy CWC 19

    Hey I have made a Yellows Forum Fantasy World Cup league: Create your team here: - then join using code SL4DYNFE2T02ZT. Any problems, PM me
  17. Eaststandboy


    Welcome to the Cricket World Cup 2019 section! Australia and New Zealand hosted the 2015 tournament, with the Aussies winning. Can they retain the trophy! Some useful links: Cricket World Cup History: Results...
  18. Eaststandboy

    Spanish footballer arrests

    A breaking news story, several footballers in Spainish 1st and 2nd division leagues have been arrested for match fixing! Raul Bravo being a standout name!
  19. Eaststandboy

    EPL Newcastle finally being sold

    Ashley is selling to a Abu Dhabi royal family member, also cousin of the City owner!
  20. Eaststandboy

    League One Steve Evans - Gillingham manager

    Evans appointed manager:
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