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    Transfer targets summer 2019

    Having a look through the retained lists, there are a number of good players out of contract this summer. Personally, I would like to sign Lloyd Isgrove, just released from Barnsley. He is a player who had great potential at a young age and it hasn't quite taken off for him yet. I think he...
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    Give Robinson some slack

    I know that this will not go down well on here, but I feel it needs saying. We all know Robinson has made errors, particularly with not recruiting a striker who can score goals, and he does often let his mouth run away with him. But looking at this season there has clearly been a time when we...
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    Loan Players

    Just looking up the loan regulations. The league rules do mention anything about 8 loans. The only rules that are stipulated are no more than 5 in a match day squad, and no more than 4 from any one club, and of these 4 only 2 can be above the age of 23. Here are the rules if you are interested...
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    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Completely random thought - Guiseppi Rossi is currently without a club and training at Man Utd. I know it will never happen, but a 6 month deal for him to get match sharp and in the window would be great for him and us! I know... living in a dream world!
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    Possible free agents

    Looking at some free agents there are a couple I would take a look at. Florent Cuvelier - CM last at Walsall. Always seemed quite decent when I have seen him. Aaron Morris - CM last at Gillingham. Knows the league. Jan Kirchoff - CM last at Bolton. Played for Sunderland in PL. Liam...
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    Line up against Accrington

    Looking at our squad, with the injuries we have, technically our defence should be our strongest aspect. I would go with a 343 formation: Mitchell Nelson - Mousinho - Dickie Norman - Branaghan - Hanson - Garbutt Browne - Smith - (Hall/Henry/Holmes)
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    Team for Pompey

    After watching all three games this season, here is what my team for the Pompey game would be: Mitchell Norman Nelson Mousinho Garbutt Brannagan Hanson Holmes Browne Hall Smith It was quite telling how much better Brannagan looked with a strong midfield partner alongside him. Baptiste had a...
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    Player ratings vs Fleetwood...

    Shearer - 4 - just not up to it! Slow distribution. Have away unnecessary penalty. McMahon - 5 - better than Barnsley. Still some work to do. Very slow! Nelson and Dickie - 6 - coped relatively well and limited Fleetwood to very few chances. Their main chances came from a foul and a penalty...
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    Player Ratings vs Barnsley

    For what it is worth here is my view: Eastwood - 6 - people giving him 8 is way to high. Yes he made a couple of great saves, but always slowed us down, and distribution was quite poor. Doesn't make a decision who. To throw or kick to so went long every time even though we were being dominated...
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    Transfer targets?

    Still surprised that Nicky Law hasn't been snapped up by anybody after his release from Bradford. Has always impressed me every time I have seen him. He would be a good player in midfield for us, linking defence and attack. Not saying this is going to happen - he is just on my own personal wish...
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    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    Pure speculation here with no inside knowledge or anything! I have just had a look through the retained lists and have seen Wigan released Reece James. I can remember Alex Ferguson talking about this lad like he could be something special. I think he may have been injured recently but has...
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