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    Give Robinson some slack

    I know that this will not go down well on here, but I feel it needs saying. We all know Robinson has made errors, particularly with not recruiting a striker who can score goals, and he does often let his mouth run away with him. But looking at this season there has clearly been a time when we...
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    Possible free agents

    Looking at some free agents there are a couple I would take a look at. Florent Cuvelier - CM last at Walsall. Always seemed quite decent when I have seen him. Aaron Morris - CM last at Gillingham. Knows the league. Jan Kirchoff - CM last at Bolton. Played for Sunderland in PL. Liam...
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    Team for Pompey

    After watching all three games this season, here is what my team for the Pompey game would be: Mitchell Norman Nelson Mousinho Garbutt Brannagan Hanson Holmes Browne Hall Smith It was quite telling how much better Brannagan looked with a strong midfield partner alongside him. Baptiste had a...
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