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  1. Kamal

    EFL Trophy

    The wankers trophy. Sickens me that people actually attend this competition.
  2. Kamal

    Simon Eastwood

    I wouldn't be too bothered either. I've got a feeling this season will be his last as our No 1. Not saying he'll leave, but we will need better. He was great when he re-signed for us, but recently he's been making a few mistakes, especially at fumbling with corners which often lead to goals.
  3. Kamal

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    1. Don't put barriers in. Its only going to P**s people off. 2. A token system could work, or even a paper booklet where you pre buy it online (have different choices, one paper ticket for beer, one for a burger etc) you give that to the cashier instead of money. Solves the card payment issue...
  4. Kamal

    The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Niall said around 6 weeks ago that the club still doesn't make any money from food or drink sales. Also @Farrscatering , I know you now accept card payments, but your card machines need to work in order for us to pay with card! I know there might be poor signal etc but how hard can it be?
  5. Kamal

    Retained list

    Henry who's gone missing since Christmas? Give me Jack Payne any day.
  6. Kamal

    Retained list

  7. Kamal

    Retained list

    Niall McWilliams confirmed that Rob Dickie has been offered a new contract. Jack Payne would be a mega signing. One of the best players I've seen in an Oxford shirt.
  8. Kamal

    Glasgow Rangers friendly

    Am I the only one not excited by this?
  9. Kamal

    Home MTD +++ 27/04/2019 OUFC v Doncaster Rovers Match Day Thread +++

    There was booing for the officials. There was booing for the board of directors.
  10. Kamal

    Current Player Jack Stevens

    Even if Eastwood if suspended for one game, Stevens should play for the rest of the season. Would give the lad a decent chance to impress and some valuable experience.
  11. Kamal

    Current Player Player of the season ows vote

    Clubs already having talks with him but he's yet to sign an extension.
  12. Kamal

    Season Ticket prices frozen ...official

    The monthly payment plan is huge and will definitely affect the sales. I assume the club are working hard on a solution, but they definitely need an option for it when the STs go on sale.
  13. Kamal

    OxVox AGM 2019

    I really wanna know what happened here lol "The minutes for the AGM were a little held up and I take full responsibility for that as it appears my Gmail account and my Mac computer fell out with each other, and I was without email for a week."
  14. Kamal

    Curtis Nelson

    Had a good first season. Injury plagued second season. Bang average third season. He's a good player but definitely replaceable. Plus the guy is a t**t so..
  15. Kamal

    Winding-up petition number 5 - Here we go again!!!

    Also interesting that Kassam said if the club can't afford it the owner should sell up and get someone who can.
  16. Kamal

    Winding-up petition number 5 - Here we go again!!!

    Sounds like the club (well Niall McWilliams) chose to pay the staff instead of Kassam. There were not enough funds available to pay both.
  17. Kamal

    Accounts for the year ending June 2018

    Same rumour that has been spreading for months which has been debunked by the captain of the team.
  18. Kamal

    Home MTD +++ 30/03/2019 OUFC v Wycombe Wanderers Match Day Thread +++

    I'm very surprised this wasn't originally announced as being All Ticket - and they even let me swap my seats to the NS earlier.
  19. Kamal

    Away MDT +++ 12/03/2019 Rochdale v OUFC match day thread +++

    These past couple games have put me to sleep..
  20. Kamal

    Where was Derry Saturday?

    I sit right behind the dugout and he wasn't there. Strange that it wasn't covered anywhere.
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