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    Word Association

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    The bookies never get it wrong

    Bottom 3 of the Championship is noteworthy. Notts County too.
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    Cricket World Cup- highs, lows, summary

    That's a good deal more considered and understated than the reply I had drafted; well done!
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    Transfer targets summer 2019

    Kip, what are your thoughts on the £1-2M OUFC are losing every single season?
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    League One Signings - Summer 2019

    I had to look. 33 apparently.
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    Trump Watch (3)

    Really?! You think we'd get a favourable trade deal from an America being run by a man who campaigned with the motto 'AMERICA FIRST'? The mind genuinely boggles.
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    Education or Religious Beliefs...............

    Nah, B*****s to it. [religion] Kids should be made to wait until they are adults (16 or 18) before they can choose or - more importantly - be assigned to a religion. Whatever consenting adults do is fine by me*, regardless of how daft I may find the dogma. *Usual caveats re harming others etc.
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    Ched Evans

    I don't think they are complex enough beings to have developed a moral code.
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    Ched Evans

    Why do you doubt that? Which towns, cities or counties do you think have a different moral cross section to Oxford?
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    Transfer targets summer 2019

    66 Is that why you block everyone who disagrees with you?
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    Ched Evans

    Commendable pedantry Sir!
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    Ched Evans

    All 9 pages of it. Marvellous.
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    Ched Evans

    They certainly did.
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    Good news for Oxford

    I remember being aged about 12 and persuading a friend to take the 'challenge' of skateboarding down the subway [under the Eastern bypass] against the mighty river of bikes. Carnage. Absolute carnage.
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    Transfer targets summer 2019

    Yeah, 'cause it would be completely different with any other set of supporters, wouldn't it?
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    Transfer targets summer 2019

    So not as bad as last season where we finished in the top half but certainly a bottom half finish. Right.
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    Ched Evans

    Honestly he wasn't.
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    Ched Evans

    Different rather than better, surely. Is the demise of racism a bad thing?
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    Boris or Jeremy?

    Death by a thousand cuts for me.
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    Ched Evans

    Read the link of the first page, Bazzer.
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