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  1. brassmonkey

    Frank Lampard

    Rumoured to be the next Chelsea manager. Fair to say that not appointing Lampard was the biggest mistake we have made in recent history.
  2. brassmonkey

    sheff utd funded by bin laden?
  3. brassmonkey

    Childrens Picture book 'Timothy Mean and the Time Machine'

    Hi Everyone. A bit of self promotion here from a fellow yellow. I have just self published my first Children's Picture book titled 'Timothy Mean and the Time Machine' It is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon here Some illustrations from the book are on my web...
  4. brassmonkey

    Fabio Lopes

    Potentially our next big superstar? What kind of contract is he on?
  5. brassmonkey


    Have FIFA changed the rules so its no longer a yellow card for diving or faking injury? Neymar for instance should have have had about 10 yellows already. Stopping free kicks being taken quickly is another bug bear of mine. Another rule change reversed by FIFA?
  6. brassmonkey

    VR Team

    so who is going for trials :p
  7. brassmonkey

    Todd Kane

    Joins on loan from Chelsea. Welcome Todd
  8. brassmonkey

    Where's Eales?

  9. brassmonkey

    Ex Player Thread

    to be continued...
  10. brassmonkey


    I know its the wrong section but most people start with the Match section. I see we have 16 members online and 60 odd guests online Would be nice if 'the guests' joined the forum and participated. The more the merrier, both OUFC and other club fans.
  11. brassmonkey

    what do you call the stadium?

    I call it the broken manor.
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