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  1. iambungle

    Tickets Wimbledon away tickets

    If anyone needs a ticket I have one spare. Face value obvs.
  2. iambungle

    Tickets Wimbledon away tickets

    been a while since i've been on here but I *think* i've sent you a DM. I've got one spare if you are still looking.
  3. iambungle

    Conference National league playoff today

    personally, I formed the opinion that he is a w****r waaaaaaaay before 13/7/20.
  4. iambungle

    Conference National league playoff today

    fair play to Harrogate Town. my wife's family are originally from Harrogate so have followed their rise through the leagues with interest. nice little fact for those who are that way inclined, they've been a league club for 1 day but already have the longest serving manager in the efl by some...
  5. iambungle

    General Fixtures

    wigan appeal & potential Charlton legal action v shell wed might delay things?
  6. iambungle

    Match Buildup Coventry Away

    Just looked and there is no info about engineering works on GWR or crosscountry websites? Do GWR even go into BNS? Also looked at times on national rail site and it isn't showing that any of the journey will be bus replacement. £40 return without messing about on a split tkt site.
  7. iambungle

    Matches "The Wrong End"......

    Doesn't really count I suppose, but every single away game I went to with my granddad & uncle from 1980 - 1984/5 because my granddad got comp tkts off of the players which were always in the main stand etc. I got fed up with this eventually, so used drop the shoulder on them before the game, go...
  8. iambungle

    General Sol Cambell 'incident'?

    His nickname is/was "Bad Attitude" but his given names are..........
  9. iambungle

    General Sol Cambell 'incident'?

    Without resorting to an internet search engine, I will offer a prize* to the first person who tells me what Mr Baracus's given names are. *There is no prize and I already know the answer because I am a mine of completely useless information.
  10. iambungle

    A piece of trivia - 29th Feb

    Next one will be an away game on 29.2.48 then
  11. iambungle

    Predictions for season end position

    I confidently predict that we will finish as runners-up to Rotherham but will be widely lauded as being the best team in the league.
  12. iambungle

    Fan's View - 19/20 - Wimbledon at home

    A few more seats taken on the positivity bus ;) I would imagine Ipswich will want a fairly open game, which could suit us?
  13. iambungle

    Matches Ipswich tickets

    for those planning to go by train, last time I checked, which admittedly was a couple of months ago, there were planned engineering works with bus replacement service for part of the journey.
  14. iambungle

    Fan's View 19/20 - Sunderland at home

    We need to win tonight, that is a fact. A team doesn't have to play well to win though, although admittedly you would be an ultra-optimist to think we could play badly and win 7 of our remaining 8 home games! I didn't think we played particularly well against Blackpool but we won. I thought...
  15. iambungle

    Fan's View 19/20 - Sunderland at home

    I'm not in it very often but whilst I am, a bit more from the positivity bus! Specifically re Pompey they have still got the following away games: -Fleetwood -Posh -Ipswich -Us -Rotherham They are also likely going to have the EFL Trophy final on their minds if they get past Exeter. Also the...
  16. iambungle

    Fan's View 19/20 - Sunderland at home

    Yes it will. There is no way that all of the teams above us will not have a dip in form between now and the end of the season. We do need to rediscover our pre-Christmas form, and quickly, but if we do then we will make the play-offs, 100%. 9 or 10 points from the next 4 games would help...
  17. iambungle

    Fan's View 19/20 - Burton away

    The one and only time I went to Boothferry it wasn't cold but there were just as many Sunderland fans there as there were Oxford cos David Rush was playing for us. Oh, and it was the game when they brought on the sub goalie as an outfield player and in typical f*****g Oxford fashion, he scored.
  18. iambungle

    Ex Player Marcus Browne

    Rugby is becoming a completely brutal game in the professional era but I do not think the players go out with the intention of deliberately injuring an opposing player (and fellow pro), but I have no doubt whatsoever that some football managers / coaches instruct their players to foul opposing...
  19. iambungle

    General Newcastle Replay Tickets............

    Really hope that one of those unsold NS seats is next to me. My Tourette's can be a bit unsettling to strangers. c**t.
  20. iambungle

    Newcastle Away Ticket Details

    I wonder if we'll bump into Darryl out on the Toon.
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