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  1. gingerox

    Current Player #0 Jack Currie

    Really looking forward to seeing him based on the Wimbledon fans reactions/reviews, really complimentary stuff from them all
  2. gingerox

    Ex Player Jay Matete

    Seems a bit weird it's only come out now. You'd think Sunderland would have noticed/known we'd stopped paying them/Matete, and complained earlier?
  3. gingerox

    European Championships Portugal 🇵🇹 vs Czech Republic 🇨🇿

    Feel sorry for her being stuck with Murphy. Genuinely don't get why co-commentators need to be a 'big name' who 'know the game'. Would be miles better if they had George/Ben from the Dub doing it
  4. gingerox

    Transfer News Summer 2024 Transfer Window Thread

    Thought that was a really good read, just the right level of depth and detail. Nice to see some names I hadn't seen before too.
  5. gingerox

    Ex Player Ex-Player Thread

    Sercombe off to the National League, I imagine for a decent contract:
  6. gingerox

    Away Match Day Thread 18/05/2024: L1 Play-Off Final - Bolton vs Oxford

    It looks like he (tactically) headbutted the back of Bennett's head to give himself a blackeye. Makes his performance for the rest of the game even more impressive!
  7. gingerox

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    Derby after free agent Herbie Kane, "as he seeks Championship football" https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/one-time-portsmouth-target-and-ps12m-rated-midfielder-to-spark-transfer-tussle-as-he-plans-for-league-one-exit-as-free-agent-4626747
  8. gingerox

    General Ivy Pass

    I actually think the club have done supporters a favour by giving such a poor explanation - a better breakdown may have encouraged more people to sign up and get scammed. It's a Tim Williams masterclass
  9. gingerox

    Current Player #18 Marcus McGuane

    Herbie Kane might be available on the free in summer, would be a decent replacement (especially if we play him a bit further forward than last time)
  10. gingerox

    Current Player #47 Aiden Elliot-Wheeler

    Replies to Banbury's and AEW's tweets seem very positive, so maybe he's been injured recently? Seems quite odd to recall him if he's not going to be sent back out anywhere
  11. gingerox

    Ex Player Ex-Player Thread

    Mike Williamson managing MK too! Can't recall watching many random games with so many ex players involved
  12. gingerox

    Current Player #39 Gatlin O'Donkor

    Shame he couldn't a loan a season sooner, I imagine this will be doing his development a world of good.
  13. gingerox

    Ex Player Ex-Player Thread

    Todd Kane rocked up at Stockport County yesterday, interestingly:
  14. gingerox

    Away Match Day Thread 12/03/24 - L1: Bolton Wanderers v OUFC

    Think some of the Cumming criticism is harsh. Not sure how obvious it was on TV, but I thought the 2nd goal (right in front of the away fans) was a foul. Leigh was shielding the ball back to Cumming, before he's pushed into him by the Bolton lad. Shame Leigh didn't make more of it, pretty niave...
  15. gingerox

    Away Match Day Thread 12/03/24 - L1: Bolton Wanderers v OUFC

    Most entertaining part of the night was the small subsection of Bolton fans next to the away end who were determined to give out s**t for 90mins instead of watching the game, and ended up getting kicked out - which I thought was a weird approach to take when you're 5-0 up.
  16. gingerox

    Ref Watch 02/03/2024 L1: Portsmouth v OUFC - Ben Toner

    Brilliant advantage for their winner, unfortunately
  17. gingerox

    Ex Player Obscure OUFC XI

    How about two of his teammates?
  18. gingerox

    Manager/Coach New Head of Athletic Performance

    Has the analyst who was coming in from Arsenal officially started yet? Seems like quite a while ago since he started working his notice period
  19. gingerox

    Ex Player Tyler Burey

    Getting our revenge for him rejecting us in summer. If people want him on the bench, I'm not sure who he's meant to replace out of Eastwood/Thorniley/Matete/McEachran/Goodrham/Dale/Goodwin - and that's without Moore/Stevens/McGuane too. I think its quite nice to have some depth and competition...
  20. gingerox

    Home Match Day Thread 20/02/2024 L1: OUFC v Northampton Town

    Harris must be livid, he's in the form of his life but we keep shooting from 30yards instead of trying to give him chances
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