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    Manager/Coach KREXIT: The 'Robbo Out' thread.

    Absolutely right. Yes, Appleton moved players on but as part of a process of planned continual improvement which saw the team becoming ever more successful as a result. His mentor, Sir Alec, moved on some of their club’s greatest players but it was done as part of a plan to regenerate the team...
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    Fan's View Fan's View 22/23 - No.2 - Derby away

    Good to have you back again, Paul! Yes, I am guessing that there were probably some equally bad pitches elsewhere but the Baseball Ground is the one that went down in folklore – mud everywhere... except where the mud was so bad, they put sand over the top... and where a back pass to the keeper...
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    Transfer News 2022/23 Season Incoming Transfers and a few other things

    Not sure that is entirely fair. We had just been promoted and were in our first season back in League 1- the increasing win ratio could be argued as evidence of the ongoing development of the side - and been to Wembly twice for finals. Certainly at the end of 2016/2017, with the names that were...
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    Fan's View Fan's View 21/22 - No.5 - Bolton away

    I'd enjoyed reading your 'back catalogue' from the first Cambridge game beforehand and remain constantly amazed by the prolificness of your output! Thanks!
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    Fan's View Fan's View 21/22 - No.5 - Bolton away

    Great report as ever, Paul - really appreciate you taking the time each week to produce such a thoughtful and fair assessment. Sees churlish to even mention it but it was perhaps Ian Evatt who though the ball had been handled...although I wouldn't put it past David Artell to stick his oar in!
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    Ex Player Jerome Sinclair

    Sky just announced that Oxford United to take Jerome Sinclair on loan until the end of the season
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    Chairman tiger on HMRC -OM report

    Thanks! Re. OM, absolutely!
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    Chairman tiger on HMRC -OM report

    I don’t think that one can know with any certainty what Thanakarnjanasuth is currently intending to do – it is quite possible that even he is not entirely sure at the moment – but when trying to discover more about him, I came across a couple of articles which were written in May/June 2016 when...
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    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” ?
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    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Thanks, yes, I had noted the September date but wondered whether it had been the intended plan - and still was the intended plan - but it had merely been delayed by events?
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    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Advance apologies if someone has already pasted this link but is it what is currently being awaited and has just been delayed by helping out with the Indonesian elections? https://www.soccerex.com/insight/articles/2018/inter-milan-chairman-close-to-oxford-united-takeover
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    to spy or not to spy?

    Spying…or just extremely thorough preparation? Think that you are spot on with the league position observation – they are top of the Championship with a similar squad to the previous year but with a world class manager who seemingly leaves nothing to chance in his meticulous preparation…whilst...
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    Tiger Update

    I think that it is entirely legitimate to express reservations as to how matters are progressing so to label as some sort of ‘village mob’ anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the view that the Thanakarnjanasuth/KR project has been an unbridled success is harsh. There will doubtless be the occasional...
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    Next Manager

    Much as I sympathise with the sentiments, I think that there is very little chance that Thanakarnjanasuth will fire KR. Partly it will come down to a refusal to accept the loss of face involved in getting rid of someone that he personally chose and has personally supported, partly down to his...
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    Fan's View - Forest Green

    I worry that you may be right and your analysis of the injury situation in respect to so many of those key players does not offer reassurance.
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    Fan's View - Forest Green

    Thoughtful and interesting article as ever, Paul, particularly in regard to the injury situation analysis. This was the opportunity to build on the last few games and put a League 2 team to the sword but in the end we were fortunate to get a draw. Was it a blip? Guess we may know more after the...
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    OUFC 1970

    They were indeed! :) Walking to the ground with the floodlights shining through the trees, tin under my arm (I needed it to look over the wall, standing in the Beech Road stand), watching Big Ron charging down the wing, wreathed in steam from the exertion, roar of the crowds... Very happy days!
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    OUFC 1970

    That takes me back! First game I ever saw at the Manor, beating Burnley in the Cup in January 71, with Ralph Coates playing for them, hair flying everywhere. Seem to remember that Nigel Cassidy, RIP, was in the goals. Evening games at the Manor were very special.
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    So, what do we know now?

    Good to hear from you again, Myles. Following your original post on the ST take over, am always interested in your slant on how things are developing. Did KR have a decent budget but couldn't persuade people to come here (understand that Lyle Taylor said no on location grounds), hence no...
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    KR interviews

    It is also frustrating though when people start decrying what Appleton achieved as though that somehow will make KR a better manager. MA had no opportunity to prepare for his first season as he arrived when the transfer window was virtually over and he had a desperate first season of ‘make do...
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