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  1. MustardYellow

    Current Player #20 Rúben Rodrigues

    I enjoyed them to an extent. Seeing them all together just messing about was a good insight into who they are as people and as a group. Modern footballers having no personality is something a lot of people gripe about. I, like you, thought the late night streams were unnecessary and...
  2. MustardYellow

    National News Rishi Sunak

    They're always after us :oops:
  3. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    Thorniley played 8 games for us in L1 this season. Negru played 13, so Thorniley was even playing second fiddle to him. I don't think we'll start next season with Moore & Brown as our 1st choice CB pairing. It's definitely going to be a tough window that's going to require some incredibly...
  4. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    Think this is spot on. Sheff Wednesday also one to look at. Went up with a stronger squad than ours yet still signed 20 players over the course of this season, only just stayed up. We know Bodin is going, release/sell Henry, Findlay, Seddon, Thorniley, Eastwood. Send O'Donkor, Negru...
  5. MustardYellow

    General The Championship - What to Expect

    Last year they had revenues of nearly £20mil and made an £11/12mil loss
  6. MustardYellow

    National News Rishi Sunak

    Moral of the story - never trust the state!
  7. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    May be a long shot but Helder Costa has been a free agent for a while. Bags of experience, especially in the Championship
  8. MustardYellow

    General Open Top Bus Parade

    So annoyed I couldn't make it to the parade, looked incredible :(
  9. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    Last season (when we were both in L1) Plymouth had double the turnover we did. In the Championship we will unfortunately be the 'minnows'. With some clever recruitment that hopefully won't matter though!
  10. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    I'd be surprised if we don't have the smallest budget in the league, and probably by quite some distance. There are no 'smaller' clubs in the Championship next season. The majority are pretty heavy hitters.
  11. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    If we don't get Stevens back I'd look at Brooke Norton-Cuffy on loan from Arsenal. Was on loan at Millwall this year and had a decent season.
  12. MustardYellow

    Championship 2024 Championship play off final - who to stay down?

    I'd be very surprised if Leeds don't win
  13. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    Very good point. Man City have a lot of young talent. Micah Hamilton is one I'd be interested in on loan from them. A goal and an assist in the Champions League this season!
  14. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    Can see us spending some money but nothing extreme (not like Plymouth paying £1mil for a player). Think we'll be relying on free's and loans, which may not be a bad thing. A couple I'd be happy with us signing: Andreas Weimann: 32, but huge Championship experience, as well as over 100 games in...
  15. MustardYellow

    Transfer News Summer Transfer Preview

    Need to keep hold of Goodrham. I can see there being interest in him but if we keep hold of him and stay up, his value will rocket.
  16. MustardYellow

    Manager/Coach The Des Buckingham Apology Thread

    Mr Buckingham, I apologise. While I do think a lot of the criticism was fair at the time, the difference in the performances in the first few months to now is incredible. We've gone from looking like we had no plan at all to having obvious game plans throughout the play-offs and executing them...
  17. MustardYellow

    Tickets Bolton Wanderers v OUFC Ticket Thread

    Could at least add some vodka to it for the special occasion
  18. MustardYellow

    National News Rishi Sunak

    'Oxygen thieves' is a great way to describe the entire government
  19. MustardYellow

    Away Match Build Up 18/05/2024: L1 Play-Off Final - Bolton vs Oxford

    You could surprise me by posting something other than boring sarcasm.
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