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  1. HeyMcAleny

    Matches Where From Around The World Are You Watching From? 🌍

    I'm in the Cayman Islands. A works reward trip. I went from being thrilled I'd won the trip to being gutted I'd miss the final. b****r.
  2. HeyMcAleny

    Manager/Coach Jim Smith RIP

    Really sad news. Feels like the end of an era. Such a character. Can't believe we'll never see him at an Oxford game again. RIP Jim Smith.
  3. HeyMcAleny

    Home Match Day Thread +++ 28/9/2019 L1 OUFC v Gillingham +++

    After the excitement of the last couple of games, going for a conservative 3-1. Two for Taylor and one for Brannagan. Their one is a flukey scuff off the post.
  4. HeyMcAleny

    Fan's View - Shrewsbury away

    I am genuinely astonished to hear that some might not think Kashi worthy of a starting place in our side. It hadn't occurred to me that some might not like him. That's one of the many reasons I love football, the utter difference of opinion. Great match report, as always.
  5. HeyMcAleny

    Home Match Day Thread +++ 2/10/18 OUFC v Luton Town +++

    It seems to me that Robinson has not lost the players, but he has lost the fans, and that's almost certainly fatal for him. Sat in the East Stand last night I was disappointed to hear what was being shouted towards certain players. Yes I understand the frustration but I wish some fans would...
  6. HeyMcAleny

    Fan's View - Sunderland Away

    Indeed, and bare in mind that returning players are rarely fans of their previous clubs. They simply have, as you say, some class.
  7. HeyMcAleny

    England Optimism?

    You can't disregard narrow victories to suit your agenda. Narrow victories are generally how you proceed in knockout football. We've lost narrowly enough times. Spain were ranked 7th in the world at the time, compared to our 13th. They had got to the quarters of the World Cup two years...
  8. HeyMcAleny

    England Optimism?

    Here are the tournament knock out victories since 1966, that I can think of... 86 beat Paraguay 3-0. 90 beat Belgium (Platt's last minute goal) and Cameroon (Platt + 2 Lineker pens). 96 beat Spain on pens. 02 beat Denmark 3-0. 06 beat Ecuador 1-0. So I would say our last tournament knock -...
  9. HeyMcAleny


    Wenger set the bar incredibly high for Arsenal fans. By his own standards, he would seem to have failed in recent years but every club has struggled against the spending might of Russian oligarchs, Arab oil and the most profitable club in the world. Given this failure it's hard to believe he's...
  10. HeyMcAleny


    I see Swindon lost to.... ha ha... Grimsby yesterday, meaning they ha ha ha can't make the play offs. On a serious note, that means we go another season without their customary gift of 6 points to us, which does make life a little harder in League One.
  11. HeyMcAleny

    Doncaster Information

    Thanks very much. Great idea to come here and post this. Has anyone done this for us before?
  12. HeyMcAleny

    Away Match Day Thread +++ 17/4/2018 Wigan v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

    I imagine you would write a very short match report for tonight then.... 'We lost.' Anything else would be a waste of time I guess.
  13. HeyMcAleny

    Away Match Day Thread +++ 17/4/2018 Wigan v OUFC Match Day Thread +++

    Performances have improved you say? That IS exactly the impact we were looking for! What else can you expect him to do? Pick himself to play up front?
  14. HeyMcAleny

    Grand National

    GvK will get a look in today, might be worth a punt on The Dutchman?
  15. HeyMcAleny

    Home Match Day Thread +++ 10/04/2018 OUFC v Fleetwood Town Match Day Thread +++

    I'm very proud of our fans after last night. Atmosphere could have been fairly dull on a damp Tuesday night with no away attendance to speak of. To have kept the noise going all match, and then, despite the result, to applaud the lads off who had clearly given everything..... Makes me proud to...
  16. HeyMcAleny

    Home Match Day Thread +++ 10/04/2018 OUFC v Fleetwood Town Match Day Thread +++

    "those idiots on Radio Ox". Love RadOx coverage.
  17. HeyMcAleny

    Fan's View - Oldham

    It had been over hit. As much as I love Leggo, he has a big problem with his distribution.
  18. HeyMcAleny

    General Jokes 🃏

    I've just read a book about Stockholm syndrome. It started off badly, but by the end I really liked it.
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