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  1. sideshowrob

    Non-League Oxford City & University

    It could be argued that the University are indirectly responsible for the industrialisation of Swindon by blocking the GWR from setting up their engineering works in Oxford in the 1800s. They chose a small Wiltshire market town on the Bristol main line instead.
  2. sideshowrob

    Non-League Oxford City & University

    I think the new shirt looks absolutely ghastly.
  3. sideshowrob

    General Ed Horton

    He has been helping to run a children's bookshop with his partner in Huesca, Spain. He is still massively into chess and returns to England to play in tournements from time to time.
  4. sideshowrob

    International News Donald Trump πŸŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

    How many political assinations or attempted assainations have there been in the US since Lincoln? It's not a shock. With gun laws they have it is inevitable and will keep on happening until they make a radical change. The irony in that a Trump victory will make this impossible for the next four...
  5. sideshowrob

    General Fixtures and Important Dates 24/25

    Why is there a 5 day gap between saving your seat and being able to move your seat? Very annoying if true.
  6. sideshowrob

    Matches Palermo Friendly

  7. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    Well that's made my mind up for me on the GE. I was going to vote tactcally for the Lib Dems in Henley & Thames but it seems Freddy's positive statement on the stadium was just warm words. The sooner be get a new government in that will radically reporm the planing rules the betrer. I'm voting...
  8. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    I think it was Joseph Goebbels.
  9. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    I would hope that under that formula Reform would never receive a penny since they are not a political party but a limited company, co-owned for Farage and Tice.
  10. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    I look forward to staying up all night on July 5th to see Middleton's stupid face react on live tv as he looses yet another deposit for the Greens.
  11. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    The City Council is not responsible for the LTNs though, it's the County Council.
  12. sideshowrob

    Temporary Stand (Not Happening)

    Yes its great up there on a sunny day and as they say, it's the only view of Paris that is not ruined by a view of the Montparnass Tower.
  13. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    They obviously didn't check this! https://www.electoralcalculus.co.uk/fcgi-bin/calcwork23.py?postcode=OX5+1AA
  14. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    Do we just need a simple majority in favour of the stadium when the planning committee vote on the application?
  15. sideshowrob

    New Stadium Plans - The Triangle - Planning

    Let the locals have 100 free passes a year and OUFC ticket holders a free pass on match days. What's sause for the goose...
  16. sideshowrob

    General The Championship - What to Expect

    Fixtures will be released on Wednesday June 26th.
  17. sideshowrob

    League Two MK Dons Retained List

    Lewington beat the record held by Trollop for Swindon this season. Another reason why the Scum are sulking.
  18. sideshowrob

    National News Rishi Sunak

    The national service policy is an obvious ploy to try and win back some of the Tory Reform Party defectors.
  19. sideshowrob

    Anindya Bakrie

    They will be nationalised when their current franchise runs out (if Labour wins). Chiltern Railways will still be here until December 31st 2027.
  20. sideshowrob

    Anindya Bakrie

    Chiltern Railways would be a good fit.
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