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  1. oxonian

    Manager/Coach Next Manager

    To be fair UTO said the same thing about Manning not being the cheapest option.
  2. oxonian

    Manager/Coach Next Manager

    We could appoint Pep, and people would still moan. Get behind him for God's sake.
  3. oxonian

    General Jan transfer window

  4. oxonian

    Ex Player Ex-Player Thread

  5. oxonian

    Chris Cadden

    Long already had 12, before McMahon rejoined the squad.
  6. oxonian

    Glasgow Rangers friendly

    Wood Farm Rangers, on the field behind the shops.
  7. oxonian

    Ex Player Specialist coaches?

    It dont need specialist coaches to give us a chance of staying in league 1, its getting rid of Robinson and Derry that will give us a chance of staying in league 1.
  8. oxonian

    Luke Garbutt

    Pugh Pugh Barney Magrew Cuthbert Dibble Grub
  9. oxonian

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    It is
  10. oxonian

    Programme notes

  11. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    Could do worse. Would have done pre season so wouldn't be playing catch up on the fitness front.
  12. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    Probably won't announce anything until 5pm.
  13. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    Expect the club to announce at least three new signings tomorrow. They are currently being kept at the back of the East Stand in the space that was going to be the supporters club.
  14. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    Holmes under the hammer
  15. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    That will teach me to read things properly.
  16. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    It says that we have brought in Kelleher form Maccelsfield on loan, and loaned out Garbutt to Everton, and Carruthers to Sheffield Utd. Who's in charge of updating the website, Borntobeyellow?
  17. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    He must have been camped outside the stadium with a Panini sticker album, Irish edition so he could recognise him.
  18. oxonian

    Gavin Whyte

    It must be a lie, Tigers got no money.
  19. oxonian

    Transfer targets?

    He posted that the deal was off. He must trawl through social media then re posts stuff making it look like he's itk
  20. oxonian

    Jeff James

    This has blown me away. Jeff was a top bloke, one of the best RIP mate.
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