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    League One League One released/transfer listed players 2018/19

    Sunderland announce releases:
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    Fitness coach

    (Potentially) one of the best signings this summer
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    Chairman Death of Robin Herd

    If I remember correctly, Biomass bought OUFC after Maxwell's "accident". Robin Herd came in later but Keith Cox took charge when Herd stepped back until K****m took over.
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    Transfer targets summer 2019

    Curiously, the OM have suggested that he is not expected to sign the contract offered to him by Charlton and it was only offered to him so the club gets compensation for his departure (with him being under-24). But when have OM ever got anything wrong?
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    Honours Boards

    Who are the 22 who went on to play internationally?
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    Still in the frame:
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    League One Signings - Summer 2019

    A move to one of these clubs could offer financial stability for life and all it takes is an accident in training and that's the career over.
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    Simon Eastwood

    When he plays, Oxford win!
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    Club meeting Kassam - 28th May

    It's not just the home fans, it's the increase in away fans too
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    Southend had 5th highest budget?
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    Managers of the year 2018-19 Although the fact Chris Wilder won has been covered on another thread, I think it's odd that Mick Harford won for League 1 as he was only in charge since January and inherited a team that was already second in the league.
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    Retained list

    Mutual consent usually means they've been paid off
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    Retained list

    Would be best for all concerned. I'm going to guess he ends up at somewhere like Bury.
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    Bolton’s Problems Continue

    Middlesborough - - it was enough to help them get relegated
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    Transfer News Efl l1 & l2 deadline

    I can't see this split between the Championship and the rest of the Football League lasting more than a season.
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    Wembley tomorrow... U11s South England final

    What do OM know about Oxford?
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    Wembley tomorrow... U11s South England final

    Phil and Jim school is not in Jericho
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    Retained list

    Really can't see that -
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    Chris Wilder Piece on him from the bbc with contributions from James Constable
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