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  1. Jimmy Ike

    Away Match Day Thread *** 4/8/2018 Barnsley FC v OUFC match day thread ***

    Yep, that was pretty much my thought coming away - didn't much like them at Wembley and didn't much like them on Saturday. Might have just been me, but seemed a rough town with too many dickheads.
  2. Jimmy Ike

    Steve Obika

    Went to Barnsley today with anticipation and excitement - pre-season complete, a bevy of new players joined and a bit of confidence that we might kick off the season well and recreate some of the memorable performances of classic sides of years gone by. And boy did we get that. Unfortunately it...
  3. Jimmy Ike

    Away Match Day Thread *** 4/8/2018 Barnsley FC v OUFC match day thread ***

    Stopped at Woodall Services on the way back - saw a pissed-off looking Shaun Derry in there getting a couple of coffees then coming out and getting into a car with someone who looked an awful lot to me like KR. Is that usual, would the management and players travel up separately? Might well be...
  4. Jimmy Ike

    This is my voice. Michael Appleton

    Agreed. Self-serving BS.
  5. Jimmy Ike

    Fiacre Kelleher

    Suits me - getting a game for the U23s is one thing but playing time in the first team at another club is real experience for a player. May as well play for Macc as for our reserves (clearly Robinson sees him behind Raglan in the pecking order here)
  6. Jimmy Ike

    Luke Garbutt

    Cor, this is shaping up alright isn't it. That back line's going to be fantastic, plenty of quality there. Slowly, slowly..
  7. Jimmy Ike

    Who's missing the U's?

    Not really missing it as such, with the World Cup and all that jazz. But I do miss not being able to ring up RadOx and tell Jerome that ", oi wuzzn't at tha maaatch today, but..." Still. Five weeks Saturday.
  8. Jimmy Ike

    Target refuses to run!

    Bwah-hah-hah! Exactly my first thought :ROFLMAO:
  9. Jimmy Ike

    Hungerford away

    New ground to visit (for me at least) - good fixture if I can make it.
  10. Jimmy Ike

    "A Football Fling" - anyone else read it?

    Might give it a bit of a look then...
  11. Jimmy Ike

    Kane Hemmings

    Best of luck to him; if I recall right, Notts County have extended Jon Stead's contract and I suspect playing up front with Stead will do him the world of good. It'll bring him on I reckon.
  12. Jimmy Ike

    2018-19 shirt sponsor?

    Bloody hell, he is isn't he. Gosh!
  13. Jimmy Ike

    "A Football Fling" - anyone else read it?

    Just had this come up on my Amazon recommendations and must be honest, I've never heard about it before! Odd because it sounds like an interesting read and might give that original angle to it which I do like in a book. Not so much a two-club fan as someone who clearly was thrown into it (and...
  14. Jimmy Ike

    Stewart Donald to buy Sunderland

    Yeah, not "friends" any more Chas. Best of luck with your money pit.
  15. Jimmy Ike

    Congrats to Brackley Town

    Sounded a good game if you were watching, that. Surely they've got to be a decent bet to be in the FL proper within five or six years though; there's a few quid behind them and ownership that seems to want a bit of success.
  16. Jimmy Ike

    Manager/Coach The Faz thread

    Oh lovely, another trip in the Mystery Machine. Just what we need.
  17. Jimmy Ike

    Ex Player Cameron Norman

    Suits me - looking at odd bits of video he's clearly got a bit of ability to him and if his assists rate at Kings Lynn is anything to go by he'll be pretty useful. All young players are called Cameron now, aren't they?
  18. Jimmy Ike

    Manager/Coach Coaching set-up

    Yep, I was thinking that too. Now maybe there really is that gulf of difference between those who're managers and those who're coaches, but the change was pretty darned swift once KR got his feet under the table.
  19. Jimmy Ike

    Summer 2018 Official Transfer Thread ****

    Jaysus I miss Sir Les.
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