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    Tickets Charlton tickets

    Yes but there is a price increase
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    Tickets Charlton tickets

    Ring the ticket office
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    Tickets Charlton tickets

    Usually any tickets not collected from the ticket office are available for collection at the stadium. Ring the ticket office to confirm that this is what’s happening at Charlton.
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    General Category 2 Academy Status

    A good listen. The career of Malcolm Elias, going back to his days as a PE teacher at Peers.
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    Tickets Reading Away Tickets

    Yes, came today
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    League One Michael Appleton

    Appleton appointed as Charlton manager
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    Tickets Derby Away and Barnsley Away Tickets

    From the OUFC ticket page:- The last day for postage will be Thursday 11th August , at 3pm. All tickets purchased after this time will be for collection only, Tickets can be collected from the Kassam Stadium Ticket Office up until 5pm on Monday 14th August. Any tickets uncollected after this...
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    Tickets Season Tickets 2023/24

    It’s been a long standing practice to have to prove a child’s age. I had to do it 20 odd years ago for my youngest son and fairly sure I had to prove my eldests age as well.
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    Ex Player Ex-Player Thread

    Was there a sell on clause?
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    End of iFollow

    EFL clubs have unanimously approved a record domestic rights deal with broadcaster Sky Sports worth £935m over a five-year period with over 1,000 matches to be broadcast each season – a record number of games for any club football agreement. Running from season 2024/25 to season 2028/29, the...
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    League One Tinpot Reading

    From the Football Ground Guide:- Away fans are located in one end of the stadium, in the South Stand, where up to 4,300 can be accommodated (although the normal allocation is 2,327)
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    Reduction in number of away fans.

    Noticed this in minutes of OUSP latest meeting:- For 22-23 league matches the North stand segregation line is changing following discussions involving the Club, the police, the SAG and SGSA. This will reduce the capacity for away fans, and will make it possible to manage the home and away...
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    Manager/Coach KR on 606

    What did he have to say
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    Tickets Google Pay Season Ticket workaround

    Thanks for that information as I couldn’t load mine until I followed that link.
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    Matches Plymouth Away - Sell Out?

    Don’t they have their fans zone open to away fans? A decent place to have a pre match beer last time I went.
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    Matches Burton 9k+?

    Pretty accurate. 7631 with 217 away fans.
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    General New Stadium Plans - Stratfield Brake

    I'm sure that there will be football special buses that will serve Littlemore, Blackbird Leys etc
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    Tickets Wigan Away Refund/Compensation Email

    Via Oxford City, who offered either free or half price entry to those with a Wigan match ticket
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    Tickets wigan away refunds

    Ticket office told me no refund for coach tickets as they still had to payout for the coaches but they will be offering half price travel for rearranged game.
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