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    Home Match Build Up 13/04/2024: L1: OUFC v Peterborough

    Matching or bettering Lincoln's result tomorrow is key for me. That puts the pressure on then for Tuesday.
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    Dot Counting Peterborough/Lincoln/Stevenage 3 10k Crowds

    Great to see the matchday activation counters back in action 😉
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    General RIP Gerry Summers

    Manager when I started going in 1974. Someone told me he got the dugouts move to the Osler Road side so they would be in the sun. No idea if that was true or not. Loved that season. Beat Man U, Sunderland, Millwall, Fulham, Bristol City and others at the Manor. Started an addiction that woulda...
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    Home Match Day Thread 03/02/2024 L1: OUFC v Reading

    Work etc usually means I get to matches just before kick off. Timing is a bit more relaxed today so (as I mentioned on another thread) might make it to the bird. Daughter wants a legal beer now she's turned 18 so a good combination. Not sure we'll have time to sample the cuisine that several...
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    Dot Counting Reading - Heading for a Sellout

    Daughter turned 18 last week and one of her Birthday list requests is a pre-match beer in the Bird. Might just make it there today. Probably the first time in 20 years.
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    FA Cup West Brom v Wolves

    🤣 to be fair, any smashing up of that place usually results in thousands of pounds worth of improvement.
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    Matches Reading at Home Moves to 12:30 KO

    Being ITK to a level you will all envy, I can exclusively reveal that the Priory will be designated away fans only for the Reading game.
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    General The Slum Landlord - Mr Kassam

    Or even "The Prior and Planning Condition Ignored by the Applicant and not Enforced by the Council (who he appears to have in his back pocket)" to give it a more appropriate and catchy name.
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    General The Slum Landlord - Mr Kassam

    Thank you Uncle Firoz. I am delighted and relieved that we can stay at the Kassam. I was getting very stressed at having to change my matchday ritual of a few pints in the Priory before taking my seat in the luxurious West Stand. Big weight off my mind 😉
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    General Greatest Ever OUFC Player

    I remember Briggsy playing in a testimonial after he retired. It was again a very young Chelsea team. Problem was Briggsy only knew one way to play - big shock to the Chelsea youngsters. Silky skills don't count for much when you are up in the air working out the least painful way to land.
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    Away Match Day Thread 01/01/24: L1 - Charlton Athletic v OUFC

    Christmas / New Year: could have ended up with 4 draws and 4 points. We got 6 with a threadbare squad. Smyth's goal: shades of Matty's beauty in 1996 that kick started the promotion push. Buckingham: please give the man one transfer at least before bashing him.
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    Dot Counting 11k v Derby?

    Fence end or East Stand end of SSL?
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    Dot Counting 11k v Derby?

    Could get in by claiming asylum having left Norwich. Bit drastic though.
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    Home Match Day Thread 26/12/23: L1 - OUFC v Cambridge

    Or perhaps Tyler wasn't taking any chances given some of the officiating we've seen this season.
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    League Two Tinpot Swindon

    Their cup final. The latest shadow they are trying to get out of.
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    Home Match Day Thread 26/12/23: L1 - OUFC v Cambridge

    Best option might be to put Brown up front if we are chasing the game!
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    Dot Counting Home Sellout for Boxing Day vs Cambridge

    Wasn't it Cambridge who turned up at the Bird 10 minutes after kick off some years ago? With that sort of reputation I'm surprised TVP haven't insisted on at least three blocks segregation let alone moving home fans closer 😉
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    Away Match Day Thread 12/12/2023 L1: Reading v OUFC

    Good luck with the new arrival. I tried to get away with Trevor Ray Jeremy but couldn't convince my wife it was suitable for our daughter 😡.
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