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    Ex Player Ryan Ledson

    There was a sketch where a group of "Man City fans" where discussing the signing of John Stones
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    Ex Player Ryan Ledson

    I think that it is a reply to a Soccer A.M. sketch.
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    Who will win the world cup?

    Don't care who wins, just hope that the captain of the winning team is black and gay....imagine Putin's face....
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    Conference play off final

    As the great John Lennon said "Whatever gets you through the night"....
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    Ex Player Ryan Ledson

    The same Sun that said he was in the crowd on Saturday?
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    Last Fan's view of 2017/18

    Thanks for all your efforts this season. I mostly agreed with your observations about the games that I attended and so was happy to accept your views on the ones that I didn't. You really do have a talent for this reporting lark! Enjoy your summer
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    Ex Player Ryan Ledson

    You can't link The Sun with journalism...
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    The clear out has started

    To be fair, I think that KR named them and SSN have just reported it.....
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ 28/4/2018 OUFC v Rochdale Match Day Thread +++

    Derry was the manager at Cambridge United who took Lego from Everton as a 17/18 yr old and gave him his first open age games. I think he's a big Lego fan...
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    Arrogant? Wow.
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    New song for the new manager

    Forgot to say that it goes to the melody of Being With You by Smokey .......
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    New song for the new manager

    I don't care what they say about me and I don't care what they do, I don't care about anything else but leading the U's, leading the U's
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    Fan's View - Peterborough at home

    Great read as usual and you, if anyone on this entire forum, deserve answers to the questions that you asked in the previous Rage.
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    What do we know?

    So Mr Wig, are you saying that the questions are interesting, but repeatedly asking them is not?
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    I am on no side in all this debate, but I can see that some people are trying to forecast the future while others are wanting to wait until whatever happens, happens. Both of these options have a cost. Forecasting means no evidence, but you can try to affect what will happen. Waiting means, lots...
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    I know what you are saying and part of me agrees, but we can't have it both ways. On the one hand he signed Dickie in January, but on the other, he can't make a managerial appointment because he hasn't been here long enough.
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    NEW MANAGER: {enter next candidate here}

    So, who do we think that the 4 are?
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    Fan's View Fan's View - Northampton

    Informing read as usual. Thanks.
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    Chelsea - not a single British player

    Louis Suarez is considered half Scouse in many households....
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