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    Ex-Staff Chris Williams Leaves

    Haven’t posted in a long time but the the senior management of the club are doing their best to shoot themselves in the foot and face at the same time at present. But here are a few facts as I see it. Oxvox galvanised and ran a great campaign regarding the new stadium/hotel/conference centre...
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    Ex Player Best ever foreign player

    Raponi’s left foot
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    General KR & Tiger to have talks?

    I think Appleton is a great coach/manager of other people and did a fantastic job with Eagles, Ashton and others in resetting the ethos and focus of our club. I would be more than happy to see him return in the future. However as a manager of his own career he is the complete opposite. He...
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    Buying membership online

    I’m probably being stupid but is it possible to purchase memberships on line? I’ve gone through the clubs e ticketing page on website but it only has information not the ability to purchase. I won’t be in Oxford for a while so this is my only option
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    General 2020/21 New Kit

    It may not be a spot on oxford orange but with modern kit suppliers it’s a good effort and a sign of someone at the club having an excellent understanding of our heritage and what we as fans want. I just hope that this continues and a better range of products is available at the club shop.
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    National News Right or Wrong spending of public money?

    As others said this is a novel way of getting the message to the youth and would have cost a lot less than the TV and radio adverts. My builder admitted he took all the wages support and loans he could whilst still working and used it to build an orangery in his back garden. I don’t know what...
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    League One Can Charlton sign players?

    I’m a bit confused. I thought Charlton could not sign players because of their present ownership problems yet they‘ve just signed Alex Gibley from MKDONS for a fee. Am. I missing something?
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    League Two Macclesfield

    Nice of the EFL to hare problems of its own making with the NFL.
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    Salary cap confirmed

    2.5 million on a 21 man squad is an average of 2300 p,er week Against a national average of 500 pounds. Why clubs and not players pay the agents fee in transfers has always puzzled me as the agent is wolking to get the player not the club, the best deal. in the long run if this helps to stop...
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    Fourth stand

    Am I going crazy or is it in our contract with FK that he has to build a fourth stand if we are promoted to the championship? if so it would make me chuckle!
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    EFL - The Covid-19 decision

    If we get promoted does FK have to build a fourth stand or is that a strange dream I had?
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    EFL - The Covid-19 decision

    The EFL need all 3 leagues to have promotion and relegation otherwise it gives the Premiership a get out of jail free card and they will void relegation and hence promotion from the championship. Remember the EFL advises but the clubs make the decision. We also have to accept that OUFC are in...
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    How to complete the season

    Nothing has yet to be decided. All decisions have to be passed by more than 50% of members (clubs) in the EFL and more than half the members/clubs in the championship. So league 2 can decide to conclude the season but cannot unilaterally say we use PPG to decide final league positions or that...
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    How to complete the season

    the new season is supposed to start in 75 days times. The EFL say they would need 49 days to complete the season. There is simply not sufficient time for a preseason, completing the games and then having another preseason with time for new players to bed in. So there is no chance of this...
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    General Season tickets/state of football once this is over.

    How many away games do the team stay overnight before the game? 20 to 25 beds plus a 2 day coach rental on a regular basis could be expensive. Weekend games will not affect away attendance much but night games even to relatively close teams could take a hit. I hate the idea of regional...
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    How to complete the season

    This season should be completed. Next season is the big can of worms because social distancing could mean almost the whole season being behind closed doors. The vast majority of fans will not be ale to justify season tickets and the whole EFL will be up sh** creek without a boat or paddle. At...
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    Games off

    Today’s announcement regarding euro 2020 gives space to finish this season and then the next season can run winter to winter to fir FIFA world cup
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    General More news re; stadium/training ground, thoughts?

    LR maybe the ownerspast and present did understand the stadium situation but were also told by other parties that the stadium was for sale and/or that a new stadium was viable. Then planning regs change and the stadium land becomes a gold mine for a property tycoon and councillors start saying...
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    Stewart Donald anyone.....

    I personally feel sorry for SD. He recognised that the financial gamble with OUFC was not tasty enough but took the gamble with Sunderland because the potential rewards were greater. I hope he doesn’t get too burnt by this but the signs are worrying. I fear the next ‘consortium’ will royally...
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    National News Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    Gary, you also ignore the democracy you claim to want to regain. The Conservative party formed a government using financial blackmail with the DUP. The conservative MPs were therefore supposed to support the PM and cabinets plicies and hence EU deal they put together within their own party...
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