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  1. Oxfordus

    New Song?

    I wanted to have a go at creating a new song for the fans and came up with this idea. It goes along to the Shotgun song by George Ezra: Time flies by in the yellow and blues Stick around and you'll see what I mean We're a noisy bunch of fans that follow the Us Through thick and thin we'll...
  2. Oxfordus

    Next Seasons Kit

    Well the OM states that they are including the new season's away kit in tomorrow's edition. Can't wait.
  3. Oxfordus

    Next Seasons Kit

    That mock-up kit is divine. Pleeeeease let it be true. That is the best looking kit since Jim Magilton's in my avatar.
  4. Oxfordus

    Next Seasons Kit

    I love the new home kit. The commercial side of selling these kits seems pretty amateurish though. I mean the launch of the kit was the owner holding up a top to be photographed some weeks ago with no ability for the supporters to buy it until now. Most other clubs at least have players...
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