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    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    Davis didn't do the basics, what did he spend all that money on? Classic "whataboutism" from you there. What exactly has Obama got to do with an elected MP of our Parliament trying to circumvent our Parliament, that he is a member of, via a foreign Govt? In other circumstances that could be...
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    Transfer News Incoming :another midfielder - Josh Wright?

    I would argue if Nelson was going then we'd be signing a centre half as we'd still need be a centre half short. I don't think Cam Brannagan is going unless we get a silly offer either. If this is genuine (like Sercombe and Pompey we seem to get linked to Josh Wright each transfer window) then...
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    Shotts was at one of the abandoned games as we were chatting to him for ages whilst we waited before it was called off.
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    Away game +++ 22/01/2019 Bury v OUFC Checkatrade Trophy +++

    One of the finals and the Millwall semi was before Academy sides were involved in the competition anyway.
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    Sunderland Game

    That is a very good initiative with decent prizes.
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    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    So for this Brexiteer, Parliamentary Sovereignty only counts when it is what he wants. Asking a foreign Govt to interfere in this way in our parliamentary affairs smacks of desperation and is very dubious.
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    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    You over estimate what he did do which was not even the basics. Davis did nothing including the very basics of business planning through failing to do basic and in-depth research on the implications of each option to the country/economy etc. And then he lied about what he had done, or rather...
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    Ex Player Thread

    Pompey have been linked with him just about every transfer window for the last few years.
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    Chairman tiger on HMRC -OM report

    I thought they had appointed specialist consultants to lead on the new Stadium side of things or have I imagined it? The company has a record of success iirc (or my imagination has run amok).
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    Word Association

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    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    HE failed to prep for all the various possibilities and do ANY research of the impact of those options on the country and economy. Don't you remember his embarrassing (and very public) efforts to conceal/stop MPs access to supposed industry impact assessments until he was forced to show them and...
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    Word Association

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    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    Oh come on, David Davis did a god awful job.
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    Word Association

    Swallows and Amazons
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    Word Association

    Norfolk Island
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    The perfect stadium

    Bloody hell, you don't want much do you. :)
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    Word Association

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    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    He has had a very good start and clearly has grasped how to use his key players like Pogba and Rashford and giving them confidence (to both succeed and it doesn't matter if they fail). The test for Solskjaer will be when they have a couple of stumbles.
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    Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    Who could represent Dominic Raab for failing to grasp the bleeding obvious until so late with regards Dover?
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    Home game +++ 19/01/2019 OUFC v Portsmouth Matchday Thread +++

    This just has to be slightly adapted:
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