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    Reduction in number of away fans.

    Noticed this in minutes of OUSP latest meeting:- For 22-23 league matches the North stand segregation line is changing following discussions involving the Club, the police, the SAG and SGSA. This will reduce the capacity for away fans, and will make it possible to manage the home and away...
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    Manager/Coach KR on 606

    What did he have to say
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    Tickets Google Pay Season Ticket workaround

    Thanks for that information as I couldn’t load mine until I followed that link.
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    Matches Plymouth Away - Sell Out?

    Don’t they have their fans zone open to away fans? A decent place to have a pre match beer last time I went.
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    Matches Burton 9k+?

    Pretty accurate. 7631 with 217 away fans.
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    General New Stadium plans

    I'm sure that there will be football special buses that will serve Littlemore, Blackbird Leys etc
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    Tickets Wigan Away Refund/Compensation Email

    Via Oxford City, who offered either free or half price entry to those with a Wigan match ticket
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    Tickets wigan away refunds

    Ticket office told me no refund for coach tickets as they still had to payout for the coaches but they will be offering half price travel for rearranged game.
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    Tickets Mk Dons 11th December Ticket allocation

    What is the name of the pub please. Been there before but can’t remember what it’s called
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    General Consortium Takeover - News and Rumours

    It would be nice to have the announcement made before kick off and then have the new chairman and board paraded on the pitch before the game.Would improve the atmosphere somewhat.
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    Matches Lack of supporters

    Now we get a larger share of the catering money, surely now is the time to look at ticketing prices/deals to get more to the ground. A kid a quid offer for example at a game with a small away following, make sure the catering queues are served quickly, have merchandise on sale around the...
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    Away Match Build Up 24/8/21 Carabao Cup: QPR v OUFC

    Enjoyed the trip to Brentford more when we won 4 - 0.
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    What about Mark Stein when Stoke sold him to Chelsea, wasn’t their a sell on clause there
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    Tickets Tickets for Cambridge Utd away

    Mine says unreserved but also has a seat number.
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    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    And we were all clamouring for him to be signed
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    Manager/Coach Robbo to WBA

    I read it was an issue over his back room staff:- There are believed to be various factors as to why negotiations between the Glasgow giants and Howe broke down, including around backroom staff and personal reasons. Howe was understood to have been keen to take Stephen Purches and Simon...
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    Home Match Build Up 18/5/2021 Play Off L1 OUFC v Blackpool

    Go to the Oxford United eticketing page and check account history. That’s where I found my details
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    League One Swindon on the brink

    As school boys, we went to Swindon to watch a random game. Don Rogers owned a sports shop at the time and on the morning of the match, he was in the shop. We went in and asked if he had any Ron Atkinson football boots (it amused us at the time !!). To be fair, he was a decent bloke but it didn't...
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    Home Match Build Up 26/12/2020 L1 OUFC v AFC Wimbledon

    I think we will get to see this match, but probably last one for the foreseeable.
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    Home Match Build Up 15/12/2020 L1 OUFC v Northampton Town

    Hope so, but we dont have a particularly good record against them in recent seasons. Ricky Holmes back there as well.
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