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    Tickets Cambridge home tickets offer
  2. OX14

    Away Match Build Up Oxford city Friendly July 2nd

    Tickets for this go on sale at 11am this morning. Note : Its a 6.30pm Kick off !!
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    Conference Stockport county

    Well done on winning the league today and returning back to the football league. A proper club with a decent sized fanbase for once. Now the play offs . Eliminator games : Halifax v Chesterfield Notts County v Grimsby Semi final: Wrexham v winner of Notts County v Grimsby Solihull v winner...
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    League One 15/02/2022 - Tonights League One games

    Latest scores half way through the first half Burton 3 - 0 Bolton 🙄 Lincoln 0-0 Doncaster Wigan 0-0 Crewe
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    Matches Oxford United academy v Garuda 15th February 1pm kick off

    For anyone not working tomorrow lunch time ,Game tomorrow behind closed doors live at the Kassam (must mean our relationship with kassam and the stadium company isn't that bad) live stream on Mola.
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    League One Tonights League One games.

    Half time scores currently Fleetwood 1-0 Wigan Sheffield Wednesday 2-0 Sunderland Wycombe 1 - 1 Ipswich Charlton 0-1 Rotherham Crewe 1- 1 Doncaster Morecambe 0-1 Cambridge Portsmouth 1-1 Cheltenham Some decent results for us so far except Rotherham beating Charlton
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    Chairman Takeover now Old Car Chat
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    Oxford City friendly

    Just seen on Facebook we have a home friendly against oxford city on Sunday 23rd August. Obviously behind closed doors, any chance their will be commentary being covered by radio Ox?
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    The championship

    After the 7-0 thrashing Luton received earlier at Brentford. It got me thinking are we actually ready to go up and compete in that league. Obviously we can improve the squad but unless we have a healthy budget we could struggle like they are which might have more of a negative affect to the club...
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    General Radio Oxford

    Good to finally hear Radio Oxford catering for a wider audience. Not just for the over 70s like it use to be. Good selection of music and chat. It's like going back in time to fox fm with Adam Ball and Danny Cox.
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