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  1. brassmonkey

    General Official eurovision match day thread

    Can everyone please vote for norway. Win a nice bit of mular if they do.
  2. brassmonkey

    Current Player Shodipo

    Cant see a thread about him. Has scored some important goals this season but seems a bit hit and miss imo. Not fast enough to beat his man regularly but has a decent shot on him. Would you look to sign him for next season if QPR dont want him back? I personally think we need a faster player on...
  3. brassmonkey

    Championship Championship relegation

    So who do you want to go down? Looks like 2 from Sheff Wed, Rotherham and Derby along with whipping boys Wycombe. Rotherham have a big match tonight Vs Middlesbrough. If they win that it takes them a point behind Derby with 2 games in hand. Sheff Wed play Derby last game of the season as...
  4. brassmonkey

    League One Other teams forums

    Could be useful to have as a sticky. Its always annoying trying to find certain teams forums. ACCRINGTON AFC BOURNEMOUTH AFC WIMBLEDON ARSENAL...
  5. brassmonkey

    Manager/Coach Robbo out!

    I have had enough. This team is absolutely s**t. Fear we will be relegated if he is not replaced soon.
  6. brassmonkey

    General England v belguim

    That was never a pen.
  7. brassmonkey

    Heroes send off

    Can we find out what time the team coach leaves on monday and line the streets on route out of oxford? Socially distant of course. Would be awesome and would help spur on the boys. A sea of yellow and blue.
  8. brassmonkey

    Cardboard Fans

    Think this deserves its own thread. Who has bought / will be buying one. Do they count towards the official attendence?
  9. brassmonkey

    EPL Man utd museum

    I found this little beauty strolling around the man utd museum today. Alex fergusons first match in charge for Man U.
  10. brassmonkey

    Match Buildup Team for Rovverham

    Anyone hazard a guess? I would guess the 2 new boys will start on the bench with Brannagan back in the starting 11
  11. brassmonkey

    General Jan transfer window

    After hopefully securing cadden and taylor What position would you prioritise? We probably need cover at left back, centre mid and right mid.
  12. brassmonkey

    Temporary stand

    The club should check out the viability of a temporary safe standing stand at the fence end. With some big matches coming up and the possibility of championship football next year it could be a savvy investment.
  13. brassmonkey

    League One Wycombe

    How long before their bubble bursts? Had a cheeky look at the Rotherham forum and the general consensus is that they like to time waste and feign injuries. Shock horror.
  14. brassmonkey

    Home Match Day Thread Rochdale - Bring a friend (or 5) Game

    To support the lads lets make this a 'bring a friend' game and try and push the attendance to 9000 +. Comment below with how many extra friends or family you will be taking. With the quality of football being delivered week on week they will probably come back for more and more.
  15. brassmonkey

    General OUFC Pub Partner Scheme

    Is it it wise to concentrate on one pub per area on a quite a hefty monthly fee or get as many pubs as possible involved on a lower fee? Discuss
  16. brassmonkey

    Current Player George Thorne

    Welcome to the Mighty Yellows George. Potentially an amazing signing if he can overcome his injury problems.
  17. brassmonkey

    General Best Kit in League 1

    According to Sunderland Fans
  18. brassmonkey

    Fantasy Football

    Any one set up a league for oxford fans in ? I have made a team for work so happy to join in :) EDIT: The code to join this Yellows Forum league is: zfktz2
  19. brassmonkey

    Frank Lampard

    Rumoured to be the next Chelsea manager. Fair to say that not appointing Lampard was the biggest mistake we have made in recent history.
  20. brassmonkey

    sheff utd funded by bin laden?
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