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  1. iambungle

    No need for a WHU Fan's View

    Just read this........
  2. iambungle


    have sacked monk according to the bbc. seriously hope clotet gets the job.
  3. iambungle

    Shrewsbury highlights on Quest

    Hope the fella that got taken out celebrating the third goal survived - didn't look like he got up again :LOL:
  4. iambungle

    Salford City

    have signed Adam Rooney from SPL Aberdeen and are paying him £4k a week apparently. I'd say the game at that level has well and truly gone....
  5. iambungle

    The Management Merry-go-round

    Today sees 1 manager poached (Askey from Macc to Shrews), 1 sacked (Heckingbottom @ Leeds) and 1 effectively resigning (Tisdale @ Exeter). This means that despite only being in the job for 71 days, KR is already up to 67th on the list. Also means that Jim Bentley @ Morecambe is now the...
  6. iambungle

    Racist chanting from the East Stand

    Shouting "Yellows" to the Japanese fella :eek: PS - he was the best half time entertainment since that army mutt
  7. iambungle

    Something missing

    We seem to have been lacking something these last few weeks and it suddenly dawned on me what......WE HAVEN'T BEEN RECEIVING OUR ANNUAL DOT COUNTING UPDATES..........I would imagine one or two of our regular posters are actually quite relieved about that.
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