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  1. Shosho

    General Derby takeover

    Just looking at the possible Derby take over by Erik Alonso brokered by Matt Southall. Looks dodgy all over with and many EFL eyes on the deal. Alonso was an advisor at Sheffield Wednesday before putting in a bid to buy the club from Chasiri...Alonso was supposedly backed by an Indonesian...
  2. Shosho

    General Fosu and Baptiste - The Athletic

    George Elek has written a really good piece in The Athletic today about the Fosu/Baptiste sale: Would recommend giving it a read! It confirms the fees and sell on clauses associated with the sale. We should all be hoping for a Brentford promotion!
  3. Shosho

    Summer Academy Update

    Loads going on: Dan Harris appears to have done a fantastic job. Credit to tiger also for supporting the academy’s all pretty exciting!
  4. Shosho

    Kevin Berkoe signs

    Looks to be one that initially goes into the 23s with the potential of pushing for the first team. Glad we are starting to attract these youngsters of decent calibre. The last paragraph says a lot.
  5. Shosho

    Data bits

    Not sure if anyone else has much of an interest, however I quite like the numbers behind the teams in league 1 and have been keeping a pretty basic spreadsheet of stuff. I guess if you enjoy it you can follow (useful for betting also). This is just a personal thing that other might see of...
  6. Shosho

    Current Squad 18/19

    Im sure there was a thread of a similar title, have spent ages looking for it but cant locate it! Am happy to fire up the other thread if this is a duplicate. I have put together the current squad, squad status, age and contract details, partly because I had time but also out of interest...
  7. Shosho

    Karl Robinson - new manager

    Welcome Karl. A good solid appointment.
  8. Shosho

    Current Player Kane Hemmings

    Not seen much mentioned about Hemmings and opinion on recalling through January. He looks to be coming in to form at Mansfield - got a brace at the weekend. A few quotes from Stagsnet: 'Kane Hemmings was head and shoulders above everyone else on the pitch, superb touch, hold up play and...
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