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    League One Matt Bloomfield

    I'm *really* not a fan of Wycombe, but this is a very interesting article about Matt Bloomfield having to retire. He does seem a nice enough chap.
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    Current Player Who’s out of contract?

    Which of our players are out of contract in June? I think Long and Ruffels are and would imagine we’d sign them on again. Everyone else would surely be released as we look to cut costs.
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    Player of the year

    It’s hard to think who it will be, isn’t it? Eastwood is good but maybe less so than last year. Ledson? Up and down. Anyone else?
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    Too nice?

    Ive noticed this season our players chatting a lot to opposition players at the end of games and even in breaks in play. After Bury our lot didn’t look gutted, they just chatted to their Bury mates. Obika in particular seems to know everyone. Obviously you’d talk to ex colleagues at a work do...
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