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  1. mooro

    National News Who next

    Presuming that Boris departs one way or the other, then two questions: 1) who should replace him? 2) who WILL replace him?
  2. mooro

    Is John Isner the Wycombe of tennis?

    I've enjoyed watching some of the tennis this year, but watching 6ft10 Isner just thump down serve after serve to beat Murray is one of the most tedious and off-putting things I've seen in sport for a long time - probably since the last time I saw wwfc in action
  3. mooro

    League One Fixtures out today

    No inside knowledge but just a few hunches... My guess is that - we'll start with Accrington at home - Sheff W within first half dozen games - Wycombe in last half dozen - Forest Green at home on Boxing Day
  4. mooro

    Current Player OUFC Scholars 22/23

    New Scholars for 22/23 season announced: 8 new first years: Monty Marriott -Goalkeeper Rashane Maxwell - Full Back Richard Gerrard - Full Back Max Smith - Central Defender Zaide Took-Oxley - Central Midfielder Tobias Brenan - Central...
  5. mooro

    Sport Cheltenham tips

    I have a betting account which I rarely use but has offered me a free win bet for each day at Cheltenham... ...any suggestions for today?
  6. mooro

    League One 08/03/2022 - Midweek games

    Six games tonight, all of which involve a team in the chasing pack against a side near the bottom of the table. In one sense bad news in that it means them closing ground on us, but looking at it another way - they should all win, so any that do drop points strengthen our position Crewe...
  7. mooro

    League One Couldn't happen to a nicer fella Curtis out for Tuesday... Cowley outraged again.... Pompey fans mocking both
  8. mooro

    National News After Boris

    So if Boris was to quit tomorrow what would happen next? Firstly, a deputy would have to step in, most likely Dominic Raaaaaab, but he showed very little prowess in the job when Boris was in hospital and is lumbered with BJ by association, so would probably hold no more, and possibly...
  9. mooro

    EPL Liverpool Arsenal postponed

    Apparently Liverpool cannot get a team together to play the league cup semi final tonight... So presumably that means that they cannot muster 14 players from their 25 man prem squad or the 14 other players (with squad numbers over 50 ) that they have already deemed to be good enough to be named...
  10. mooro

    EPL English managers

    Three new appointments in the premier League, and three Englishmen, rather than overseas arrivals. But which is going to be seen to have done the best job when their fans look back on their tenure?
  11. mooro

    Tickets Tickets for Charlton

    Bit confused with this so far... Club site is saying, at various points in various places, that tickets are available, that they have sold out, that I am already registered to buy tickets, that I need to re-register, that they have sent an activation email etc and various stages in between...
  12. mooro

    Betting on the National

    Time for the annual flutter on the Grand National, but are bookies shops open at the moment or is it all being done online at the moment? If it is online, which are the best one (s) to open an online account with? Are there any that have any links to oufc which I should lean towards?9
  13. mooro

    Home Match Build Up Match Day Live

    It was mentioned briefly in the match thread last night, but wondered what people thought about the 'Match Day Live' thing that they put on Youtube before the game last night (see below): (1) MATCHDAY LIVE | Oxford United v Northampton Town - YouTube I didnt get chance last night, but have...
  14. mooro

    Matches 14/11/2020 L1 - OUFC v Doncaster Rovers

    ....May well not be happening.....
  15. mooro

    What a catch....

  16. mooro

    1% for covid

    Haven't got the exact figures to hand to see if this is the right amount for it to work, but how about a campaign to get every top flight player, or all players across the 92, to put 1% of their weekly wage into a central pot to pay for regular weekly testing across the lower leagues? Have it...
  17. mooro

    General Clubs going under

    We've been hearing a lot about how current circumstances are going to send clubs out of business, with some quotes of 40-50 clubs going under. Obviously, every club that leaves the pyramid is a loss, if only to their local community, but as yet, it has been largely quiet on this front -...
  18. mooro

    General Resumption and next season

    Given the likelihood that this season is soon going to grind to a halt, what will be the best way to get things back in line for next season? The most obvious first step would be to cancel the Euros to allow domestic seasons to be extended, but what then? Two ideas I heard this evening are: 1)...
  19. mooro

    General Major typo blunder on quest

    Did anyone else notice the ad hoarding in the background of Bristol city's second goal on the EFL highlights show last night? Where is "ashOTn gate"?
  20. mooro

    Trivago to Miami

    Has someone been trying to book a trip to Miami while updated YellowsForum? I keep getting a second window opening whenever I am on the site now
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