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  1. ChamonixOx

    Carabao Cup - Manchester City (H) SOLD OUT

    I remember dancing around the room when a friend gave me the news - thought Christmas had come early! Going to beg to differ on a good job in difficult circumstances, dreadful manager and most of us at the time were desperate for him to get the boot............ only for Man City to take him off...
  2. ChamonixOx

    Robinson is the man

    Far too early to call for anyone's head and far too early as well to say whether he is the right man or not. Certainly didn't have a strong foundation to start from (where as the opposite was true of Clotet) which doesn't help but it is his side now and on that he will be judged. Early days...
  3. ChamonixOx

    OUFC v Palarse not a real match thread thingy

    In terms of Palace if I wasn't yellow through and through. Friend lives in Crystal Palace and a season ticket holder for many years. I sometimes stop at his when I'm in London and was there for their home game against Watford last season. Took us along and whilst they looked poor for the first...
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