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    Laptop or Chromebook

    Ive been using Chromebooks for 3 years now and id never go back to anything else if you use an android phone to its a really good combination
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    Membership numbers

    Thank you ?
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    Membership numbers

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help when I log into my ticket section there is a number in brackets next to my name but it's different to my current membership number.....does anyone know if the number in brackets is supposed to be my membership number or is it something else ? Any...
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    iFollow for 2020-21Season

    Only 5 weeks ?!
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    FAO Pete Burrett

    Fairplay what a great post #yellows
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    General OxVox stance on covid 19?

    I called the club and was advised they would pass my comments on to be fair it shouldn't take covid 19 for them to provide some handwashing facilities
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    General Club shop to close...

    It felt a bit half baked didn't it not like yesterday
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    General Club shop to close...

    Agreed hardly any choice in there
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    Home Match Day Thread +++ OUFC v Accrington Stanley 25/02/20 +++

    4-0 Oxford we are going to smash them
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    Potential New Ground

    because they don't know
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    General Word Association

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    +++ FACup 3rd Round 4/1/2020 OUFC V Hartlepool Utd +++

    Its good to sit in the south stand for a change it made me realise how lucky i am to have a season ticket in the north stand definatley renewing next season
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    General Word Association

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    General Word Association

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    General Word Association

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    General Word Association

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    General Word Association

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    General Word Association

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    General Word Association

    General levy
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