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  1. makv

    Musical stuff in Oxford during COVID

    Great post below from the very wonderful Conan at Nightshift magazine, documenting all the local music that is still happening virtually. Good news (crap timing) that the equally wonderful Big Scary Monsters label are opening a record shop/bar on the Cowley Rd. in November. Personally, I can...
  2. makv

    League Cup Sunderland tickets at 25% discount Not a bad effort from the club. 25% discount on all tickets and further reductions for ST holders and members. So £15 and £13 in the East Stand.
  3. makv

    Current Player Fenton Tutty (and Fenton's Fight)

    Mods, I don't believe I've seen a thread on here about this, but if there is, please feel free to merge it. Back in June, the club posted this piece of sad news about a local 8 year old lad, Fenton Tutty, who plays for the Academy and was sadly diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia...
  4. makv

    Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

    Not doing too bad is he? Also, very impressive Manchester accent. Reminds me of when Houllier picked up a scouse twang.
  5. makv

    Now here’s an interesting story

    Discuss My view … he deserved a slap.
  6. makv

    Away Match Day Thread +++ 3/11/2018 Scunthorpe United v OUFC +++

    Not sure how we’ve got to 1pm without one of these, but here goes… OUFC to continue our unbeaten run with a … 2-0 win. 700 hardy supporters freeze their nuts off, and see goals from Whyte and Mackie, with a 5 minute sub appearance from young Aaron Heap. KR can’t but help saying “I told you so”.
  7. makv

    Save The Cellar

    For those of you who ever go to see live music in Oxford, you’ll know how important The Cellar has been (in various guises) and continues to be. It is now under threat (again) and basically needs to raise £80,000 to put in a new fire exit after the current one was deemed to be too small, thus...
  8. makv

    Home Match Day Thread +++ 09/09/2018 OUFC v Coventry City match day thread +++

    Ain’t done one of these for a while. Feeling very good about this game… Off the pitch: Tiger gives out Singha to everyone in the dressing room and I win the free ST trip to Thailand On the pitch: 3-1 to the Yellows. Norman at both ends...
  9. makv

    s**t kit

    Some bunch called CAFC are wearing this monstrosity this season. All three of them are clearly thinking “kill me”.
  10. makv

    Gabby Logan

    Was on Room 101 last night. Quite possibly an old episode. But the thing she (successfully) put in the bin was… … half-and-half scarves. Probably a no-brainer with Frank Skinner in charge, but still… good job! (also, I didn’t realise until I googled the correct spelling of her name, that...
  11. makv

    Common People

    Anyone at Common People this weekend? Lineup today much better than yesterday, and really looking forward to Ride later. It’s bloody hot though!
  12. makv

    Miserable gits

    So I popped into the St. Aldates after the game on Saturday. Got talking to a couple of “supporters”. Expecting something along the lines of “we played well today, and a what great result”, instead I got “we were bloody awful; left at half time because it was too cold”. I was, and remain...
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