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  1. Gary Baldi

    National News Train derailment in Aberdeenshire

    Some awful news is coming out from Aberdeenshire after a train derailment there. This is the first major train incident we've had in a long time, but even so, not good.
  2. Gary Baldi

    National News John Hume

    Sad to hear that John Hume passed today after a long illness. One of those titan politicians from another era who helped push NI towards peace at a big personal risk to himself at times. I hope he can rest easy.
  3. Gary Baldi

    National News Labour Anti-Semitism Settlement

    I am glad that the new Labour parties leadership has finally started to make amends for the Magic Grandpa's and his supporters Anti-Semitism by settling this case. The Magic Grandpa isn't happy but the treatment of these people was not nice and one or two on here could well reflect on what they...
  4. Gary Baldi

    Summer 2020 Cricket Thread

    We're almost there and what better way to start a thread than with Mark Wood being Mark Wood Good lad!
  5. Gary Baldi

    International News Hong Kong

    I'm sure our posters in Hong Kong can provide a more nuanced position, but this deserves a separate thread as the situation deteriorates. Best I can sum it up as is WTAF are China doing? And I am glad that the UK Govt are not sitting idly by while China break the agreement. Another...
  6. Gary Baldi

    National News Rebekah Vardy vs Colleen Rooney

    Coming to a court room soon.... What a waste of money and court time, but it will provide a little light entertainment for the tabloids...
  7. Gary Baldi

    National News Dame Vera Lynn - RIP

    Sad news, but Dame Vera Lynn has passed away at 103 For those who have had family who fought in WW2, it's easy for us younger generations to underestimate how popular Vera Lynn was and what an impact she had on society in those dire times.
  8. Gary Baldi

    EPL Football is back

    It's the Premier League, so not that enthused, but glad to see football be played and something different to watch on TV. We creep back to normal, slowly... Mike Dean is ref for the Merseyside derby, so we all know how much that man's ego will love all the attention, esp when there is little...
  9. Gary Baldi

    Ex Player Where is Bobby Ford?

    For those that have listened to the official club podcast (excellent BTW), there has been a recurring theme in them other than Nigel Jemson being a less than wonderful human being as a player and team mate. What happened to the mercurial Bobby Ford, and where is he now? Because it seems that...
  10. Gary Baldi

    General 101 Damnations from OUFC

    A funny blog post from Chris Williams - worth a few mins of your time* *Cheque is payable in the post, 30 days terms Thanks!
  11. Gary Baldi

    Current Player Jack Stevens - new contract

    Jack Stevens, of the goalkeeper variety, has signed on for another 12 months:
  12. Gary Baldi

    Bingeability for the lockdown

    Seeing as we'll all be locked down soon, let's use this thread for serious recommendations for TV, Films, Podcasts, Music and Books to watch, listen to or read while we can't go out. I'll start with a few off of the top of my head: TV: Breaking Bad The Wire Sopranos Making a Murderer Ozark...
  13. Gary Baldi

    National News Scottish Finance Secretary

    This story is quite a shocker: Just what in the hell was he thinking for starting an unsolicited conversation with a 16 year old on social media and carrying it on for over 200 messages? It's like George Osborne or Gordon Brown doing this and...
  14. Gary Baldi

    +++ 25/01/20 Newcastle United v OUFC FAC +++

    I'll never reach the peaks of starting the Lincoln away MDT, but here is the one for the Geordies. Let's hope we see Geordie crying in the stands with the result! COYFY
  15. Gary Baldi

    Sport Winter Cricket Thread

    The team are in NZ for T20s at the moment and are 1-1 - James Vince is still the cricketer that giveth and taketh away in equal measures - some spectacular drops in the last game after scoring a "pretty" 50 in the first game. Pat Brown has been struggling a bit, but all in, the team look good...
  16. Gary Baldi

    National News Official 2019 General Election Thread

    Well, now the Comrade has said he'll back a GE after saying no yesterday, let's have another politics thread filled with people disagreeing each other about Brexit and stuff like that.
  17. Gary Baldi

    Sport Rugby World Cup Thread

    The Rugby World Cup started today - was good to see the Japanese get into the tournament so much - and we have 6 weeks of rugger buggers in red chinos pontificating about why Rugby is better than Football (it's not and never will be ;)). While I hope ??????? win, more over, I hope it's a decent...
  18. Gary Baldi

    Away Match Day Thread +++ 21/09/19 L1: Lincoln City v OUFC +++

    Seeing as no one else has started a thread, I will. Time for the first away win in the league for the season please!
  19. Gary Baldi

    International News Justin Trudeau

    The progressive Canadian leader has been busted for wearing "brown face" from a party in 2001. It's another scandal for Trudeau, how does he keep on doing it? But importantly, does this make him racist? Or just a misguided person who didn't think before dressing up...
  20. Gary Baldi

    National News David Cameron's Privileged Pain

    I'd never heard the term "Privileged Pain" before, but according to the Guardian, this is what Cameron felt when his son died I completely understand and respect different points of view on Austerity and how the economy was managed, but it's a bit much from any newspaper to say something so...
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