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    Current Player Nice problem to have

    I thought that Marcus McGuane looked very good when he came on today. So how will KR pick 3 out of Kane, Brannagan, Henry and McGuane? Oh and Gorrin.
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    EPL Man U

    Ollie for the sack? Abysmal performance by Man United. And the money they have spent. As for Pogba ....
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    Sport Usyk

    What a performance. Terrific boxer
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    EFL Start to the season

    So very early days, but 10 points is a decent start. Compare with: 2020/21 1 win 4 defeats 3 points 2019/20 1 win 1 draw 3 defeats 4 points 2018/19 1 win 4 defeats 3 points 2017/18 2 wins 2 draws 1 defeat 8 points 2016/17 1 win 1 draw 3 defeats 4 points...
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    Current Player New Players

    So for those who went, how did the new players do? From listening on RO it sounded like Seddon was MoM, Thornley sounded solid and Williams did OK as well. Is that fair?
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    General Time (TV programme)

    Usual good Jimmy McGovern programme. So Scothegg, how realistic was that?
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    League One L1 Promotion Odds Charlton, Bolton and Sheffield Wednesday seem a bit overrated?
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    The Euros. How will England do?

    England should win the Group but then will face one of the heavyweights. With a squad full of young attacking talent (but the defence is a worry), how do you think England will do?
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    Current Player PFA player of the season Includes Rob Atkinson
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    General Between Towns Road

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    Current Player Goalscorers

    Rank Name GoalsGL AssistsA PlayedP Mins per GoalMPG 1 Matty TaylorTaylor 18 5 48 189 2 Olamide ShodipoShodipo 10 2 40 232 3 James HenryHenry 7 8 38 420 3 Josh RuffelsRuffels 7 6 44 552 5 Sam LongLong 6 4 39 546 5 Elliot LeeLee 6 2 18 199 7 Elliott MooreMoore 5...
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    General Jim Rosenthal

    So in the 'My Club' article in the Sunday Times today it is Jim Rosenthal. Great I think. He goes on to say that he was born in Oxford went to school there and was a local reporter. He then went on to say that 'It was a natural love affair but it's been a lasting boil on the bum' Charming He...
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    General Fan Engagement I am not sure whether anybody has posted elsewhere. Disappointing but not surprising? Swin*** yet again hold the league up.
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    General How have the team performed?

    A small number of people on here seem to be suggesting that the team has underperformed this season. I appreciate that there is one game left but based on 71 points in 45 games, how do you think we have done? Should we have finished above Sunderland Pompey Charlton Ipswich Hull Peterborough (...
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    General Last 30 games

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    General Pub gardens open and...

    We are under a foot + of snow. Is this some kind of joke!?
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    Current Player Who would you keep?

    OK. Say that the squad limit next season is 20 players plus youngsters. It is decided that we can only keep one of Henry, Forde or Sykes (I would keep 2 but say just 1) Who would you keep
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    EFL Lee Collins- Yeovil RIP. Puts life into perspective
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    Home Match Day Thread Youth Team win and go top O'Donkor seems to be really coming on and with Smith, we seem to have 2 very young players who know where the net is.
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    Matches Marathon for all matches won Apologies if anybody has posted this before, but what a gesture from an oufc supporter. He runs a marathon every time Oxford win for Soberly House!
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