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  1. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    General Courage - Just to say I feel that it takes more

    courage to play football than rugby. Both physically and psychologically.
  2. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    Sport Concussion

    Well, you all could probably guess that the playing numbers of children playing collision sports is down in this country and in Oz, because mum's are scared of brain damage to their children. I love basketball, so it seems as if I'm gonna watch more of the NBA, Euroleague, EFL and women's tennis...
  3. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    Conference Casey Stoney - Wrexham

    Of course it's okay for a female to manage any football side on the planet. And I wouldn't have an issue with Rachel Taylor taking over at Exeter RFC. But especially in the round ball game which is more suited to females like field hockey is.
  4. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    General We Are Lady Parts

    I loved it, think this would be my subject if forced to go on Mastermind. Are there Muslim women like Saira in the UK?
  5. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    Other - Rest of the World GB Squad for 2021

    Sophie Ingle made into the GB squad for the greatest sports tournament on the planet. Good on her. Should be GB for every side. The words England, Scotland or Wales are not on a table at the UN. Football-soccer is a sport more suited to females like field hockey is. #TeamGB #GB Team GB squad...
  6. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    Sport Harris over Ringrose!!!

    Waw. Stereotypical Gatland selection. I expect Harris to start in the first test with Henshaw. Bigger and Murray in the halves. Itoje to start at 6.
  7. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    General International football, that's nation v nation, the

    clue is in the name. The way I feel at the moment England should be your priority before any club team. If it's not then I would prefer it if you would move to Cuba. Like I say about ppl who live in Wales who don't want to see the Welsh language being able to be spoken by at least 50% of the...
  8. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    General Tenable

    Guy on there just suggested that Swindon is a city. He had to name 10 English ciries beginning with N or S. They didn't even come up with Stoke!
  9. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    General The Secret Footballer

    Have you read any of his books? I've just read the "Access all areas" one. Should I buy the other three? I don't buy London based papers, so didn't read his column in The Guardian. Any football books you'd recommend?
  10. Welsh RL & RU watcher

    General When I was a kid I pretended to be Zico or P Rossi usually when playing,

    who did you usually pretend to be when playing?
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