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    Matches Crewe game rearranged

    For next Tuesday. Could they still have infected players? Seems a little risky to me.
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    Matches Standard of Refereeing

    Surely this has to be looked at? I wanted to post something on this after the Donny home game last season but calmed down the next day. But after seeing what went on Saturday I think there has to be an investigation by the FA. It's all very well having an assessor there but they just protect...
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    Fixtures out tomorrow

    EFL fixtures out tomorrow 9.00am Any preferences with who, when, where, dates etc?
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    National News Next Prime Minister

    Should the next Tory leader and consequently the next Prime Minister be chosen by just 124 thousand people? We are in a bit of a mess to put it mildly and it doesn't sit at all well with me. Especially as the present incumbent was chose in the same way!!
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    It was only a matter of time before an incident involving a drone caused chaotic disruption at an airport. Apart from the massive inconvenience etc I find it astonishing that one of these has actually closed an international airport for 16 hours and it's still not been dealt with!! Absolutely...
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    Sol Campbell

    Set to be announced as the new manager of Macclesfield!! Strange one.
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    Simon Eastwood

    Back in training today. Good news!
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    Sam Smith

    Has signed. Season loan
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