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  1. PottersRightBoot

    FA Cup Oxford City FA Cup

    Really good performance by City so far. James Roberts has been outstanding. Some lovely passing football. Northampton totally lame.
  2. PottersRightBoot

    Kassam and Covid

    Just a thought but wouldn’t late 2020 be a good time to buy the stadium? Poor old Firoz must be a bit depleted on the cash flow front these days after all.
  3. PottersRightBoot

    FA Cup Portsmouth v Arsenal

    If Pompey are supposed to be the form team of the division we don’t have much to worry about. A fit, quick committed bunch but so lacking in craft and guile. I’d love it if we got them in the playoffs. Arsenal look like they are beginning to develop something; they should be playing even more...
  4. PottersRightBoot

    Away Match Day Thread +++ Peterborough Utd v OUFC - match day thread +++

    Bit of an acid test tomorrow. We tend to do ok against Posh - they play in a very open style and leave gaps. Start all the subs that came on on Tuesday please.
  5. PottersRightBoot

    EPL Newcastle v Chelsea

    Forget the result. What a team of scufflers the Geordies are. Tedious football. Centre halves are good I suppose. Next Saturday not exactly a terrifying prospect.
  6. PottersRightBoot

    Away Match Day Thread +++ 19:10/19 L1 Rotherham United v OUFC +++

    Rose tinted prediction but 3-2 win (Mackie hat trick.) Think it will be a thriller. Looking forward to gsme, the New York Stadium is a fine ground.
  7. PottersRightBoot


    Rather than reheat all of the justified criticism of today’s apology of a team performance can I just say that our centre half was magnificent today. If he goes we are relegated. I admired his work rate, his strength in the air and his willingness to push forward. No else did. I did kind of...
  8. PottersRightBoot

    Sunderland Till I Die

    Their 2017/2018 season in documentary format on Netflix. Interesting but a bit lame. To be fair have only watched Episode 1. Lots of people at the club saying the right things but not believing what they are saying. ‘It’s a wage’ type ethos. No wonder they got relegated. As Tv the Man City...
  9. PottersRightBoot

    Training ground

    There seem to have been significant problems and delays with the training ground project with only last week Robinson moaning about the state of the pitches. This must have had an impact on our abysmal start. Who's running the project day to day, why have there been so many delays and problems...
  10. PottersRightBoot

    Away Match Day Thread +++ AFC Wimbledon v OUFC 29/9/18+++

    Last time I did this we won - and my God do we need a win tomorrow. Conference throwback time. There’ll be the usual poxy view, the usual home team hammer throwing, the usual Kent Wombles flag behind the goal. Robinson is hated by their supporters for obvious reasons so it will be a spiky...
  11. PottersRightBoot

    What have OxVox got to say...

    ...about this current off field chaos?
  12. PottersRightBoot

    What’s really going on?

    Clearly some influential personalities at the club had had enough. No inside knowledge here but I’d suggest Pep clashed with too many staff and players towards the end of his short reign That last 20 minutes on Saturday showed me the players wanted him offski. His affable public persona was...
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