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  1. Belgium Yellow

    General Ian St John

    Part of my childhood gone. Routine was to watch this and maybe Football Focus (boring by comparison), then the World of Sport wrestling, then go to the Manor. They were at Wembley for our greatest moment. Got to be one of the best laughs ever.
  2. Belgium Yellow

    General Peter Rhoades-Brown

    Nice bit of recognition for him and deserves a thread on here. I remember someone criticised his commentary last week and we tend to take him for granted. But he's been a great servant to the club. Conjures up a bit of nostalgia for those of us who remember him playing for us in the good old days.
  3. Belgium Yellow

    General England U21

    I know you can't really compare this with matches like USA 1 England 0 in the World Cup, but this is surely the most embarrassing result for an England team?
  4. Belgium Yellow

    Championship Leeds keeper banned for racism He still thinks that saying certain things doesn’t have racist intent... That’s probably the line in certain other football associations in Europe where no doubt the abused player would have been the one to be punished for showing dissent or some such...
  5. Belgium Yellow

    Ron Saunders

    Don't want to take the spotlight away from any of our true supporters. But Ron Saunders was our manager and apparently did a tremendous job for a year when we were in the second division (before my time). I do remember what he went on to achieve with Villa, if only we'd kept him a bit longer. RIP
  6. Belgium Yellow

    Gordon Banks

    Died today, RIP. Leaves a proper legacy. My mum supported Stoke before I corrected her, so she was always going on about him.
  7. Belgium Yellow


    Unsuccessfully applied for St Mirren job. Can’t imagine him hacking it up there.
  8. Belgium Yellow

    Didcot signs

    Anyone on here involved in this?
  9. Belgium Yellow

    Mark E Smith RIP

    Must be a few Fall fans on here. Can’t quite come to terms with this. No more Fall albums after 40 years.
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