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  1. Sith Lord

    Happy New Year!

  2. Sith Lord

    League Two Swindon Town fans given the opportunity to buy the freehold to the county ground
  3. Sith Lord

    FA Cup Newcastle v Rochdale Made me think we love doing this, nearly got caught a few times last evening against Ipswich..... Please OUFC do not fanny about at the back when playing out, be decisive!
  4. Sith Lord

    Championship MAPP

    I see MAPP has slid into WBA on the coaching staff, ready for his jump up!
  5. Sith Lord

    Xemi has left the building!
  6. Sith Lord

    So obvious Eales is on an NDA

    This smacks of a non disclosure agreement. How can a guy go from buying pints and hotdogs and stands with the faithful to just disappear? 1) He has not really come out for months to rally cry the troops, near media blackout and runs before the final whistle sometimes. 2) The club sacks PEP not...
  7. Sith Lord

    RIP - Jimmy Armfield Great Presenter too...
  8. Sith Lord

    So who should we approach or Interview ?

    Might need to sort the queue by available since date!
  9. Sith Lord

    PEP has Gone!
  10. Sith Lord


    Here's one to watch over the coming months. New Prem TV deal coming up with new improved money no doubt, chasing the golden egg?
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