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  1. Whingit

    Current Player Marcus McGuane SIGNS

    Big signing.
  2. Whingit

    Away Match Day Thread 1/5/2021 L1 Shrewsbury Town v OUFC

    Ifollow all good here. Fancy a 4-1 to us.
  3. Whingit

    Home Match Build Up 17-04-2021 L1 OUFC v Gillingham

    I'd rather see Agyei start than Shodipo for some reason.
  4. Whingit

    National News Sarah Everard

    Of course it's her and in the video you can clearly see her protection officer following behind her wearing a coat 😂 you can't be for real.
  5. Whingit

    General Online merchandise sales

    I might have to get the red one its a beaut.
  6. Whingit

    National News Sarah Everard

    I loved CD's contortions in trying to excuse the Dutchess of Cambridge attending whilst still maintaining it was an illegal vigil.
  7. Whingit

    General Academy watch

    Love Mcnally's first goal in the win again Luton.
  8. Whingit

    Transfer News Agents fees, value for money?

    I'd imagine New Era got a fair bit for Karl's new contract?
  9. Whingit

    National News Boris Johnson - PM

    The story here is misappropriation of public funds, which I doubt will even be investigated.
  10. Whingit

    Home Match Day Thread 26/03/2021 L1 OUFC v Lincoln City

    Criticism of Hanson harsh imo, their LW was class.
  11. Whingit

    National News Liberty Steel

    Nationalise it.
  12. Whingit

    Potential New Ground

    Surely nothing will be announced before the local elections?
  13. Whingit

    Home Match Day Thread 26/03/2021 L1 OUFC v Lincoln City

    Thought we played very well on the whole. Enjoyable game.
  14. Whingit

    Manager/Coach Karl Robinson

    Wonder if he'd be tempted by PNE.
  15. Whingit

    Home Match Day Thread 16/03/2021 L1 OUFC v Doncaster Rovers

    He's much maligned, but when Liam Kelly plays we tend to play well.
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