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    Current Player Mark Sykes

    Sykes is so frustrating, great engine, great skill, no end product
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    Fan's View When Saturday Comes Issue 410

    Look forward to reading this when it pops through the door!
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    Think we’ll see a couple more Loanees come in before the window. Robinson loves a loan player and we only currently have 2 unless I’m forgetting someone?
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    Ex Player Rob Dickie

    I mean we made it look like they rolled over!
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    Ex Player Rob Dickie

    Nothing to dislike really about QPR, after all they did roll over for us in 1986.
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    Ex Player Rob Dickie

    They’ve just sold Eze for a fair whack and It’s a good option for Dickie if he’s looking to play regularly. I think it would be good move for him.
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    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21

    Hopefully his perfomances will take it to the limit
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    League Cup Quarter final draw

    Very underwhelming
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    Away Match Day Thread +++ 19:10/19 L1 Rotherham United v OUFC +++

    Keepers make mistakes give Eastwood a break
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