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    Looking Back at the Old Oxford days

    Seven Stars, Lake Street first at underage. Pint bottles Brown ale. (Lake Street Youth club over the road and as a Biker around 20 of us convened there). As a car owner at 17, circle of friends changed and The Jack Russell, Marston became the local. (Bar Billiards and Aunt Sally Leagues)...
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    Chairman Takeover now Old Car Chat

    First car Anglia 105e in 65. (Two tone Maroon and Grey). nothing but trouble. Got rid and replaced with Mark 1 Midget, Great car but no heater (they were extra cost). About three years old and 2k on the clock. late middle aged guy had a mid life crisis and had bought it new on a whim. His wife...
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    National Anthems

    Personally prefer Land of Hope and Glory and I'm sure it was used as England's Anthem for the Medal ceremonies for the Commonwealth Games many years ago.
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Throughout the pandemic, Maldon has generally been one of the lowest areas of infection in Essex, Southend and Thurrock Council Authorities. Unfortunately, as you probably know, there has been a large influx of Tourists and visitors from surrounding areas in the lockdowns. during the first...
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    Have to say I'm impressed with our local G.P. Surgeries here in Maldon (Essex). My drinking buddies and I are all early 70s and we were contacted by Text on Monday this week inviting to book appt for the Jab. All three of us have appts for tomorrow at our Council Offices which is now the local...
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    National News Brexit 31/1/20 🤷‍♀️

    I for one totally agree with the comments and observations by SDY.
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    According to the letter it states 'Covid-19 testing research study (Wave 2)' Conducted jointly by Imperial College and Ipsos MORI on behalf of Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). They also required a follow up completion of survey online referencing Height, Weight, Lifestyle etc. In...
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    According to the Two of the same letters included in the Test kit, Imperial College, London in collaboration with Ipsos MORI. The letters signed by a Kelly Beaver. Managing Director, Public Affairs, Ipsos MORI. (There's a name to conjure with).
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    International News Covid-19 .....

    My wife was randomly selected for a postal Covid test, the Kit duly arrived last week. in order to carry out the home test one must firstly contact the courier for a pick up date and time prior to the test. Thought I would check the kit before phoning. The kit did not contain a security seal for...
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    How to complete the season

    Eddy Merckx
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    Away Match Day Thread +++ 22/02/20 Ipswich Town v OUFC+++

    Slightly amusing little piece regarding the game. I was fortunately a guest with business associates enjoying Corporate hospitality in the Sir Bobby Robson suite. The Guest speaker being John Wark. At the end of the game they nominate The Man of the Match to come into the suite for a Q and A...
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    National News Official 2019 General Election Thread

    You forgot number 11. Its Nigel's fault for starting this in the first place.
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    National News Official 2019 General Election Thread

    Strangely, prior to today I have always taken the polling card to be told 'don't need that just the name'. but today they looked at the card then asked for my name. personally think I.D should be mandatory.
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    National News Official 2019 General Election Thread

    So pleased to be living in Mid Essex for the past 36 years. A Tory and Brexit stronghold with John Whittingdale, Priti Patel et al. Surely better than than the somewhat abusive and febrile texts thus far on this thread.
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    Match Buildup Walsall...........................

    According to today's Daily Fail, The Football Results section states that Walsall are at home to Oxford City in in the 2nd Round.
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    Current Player Help Nico with trivia thread

    Diana Dors. (Born and bred in Scumdon).
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    National News Brexit - the Deal or No Deal poll

    Mcdonald? You mean Ronald? Deffo do a better job than the other clown.
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    FA Cup 1st round draw

    Maldon and Tiptree away would be handy, only Two miles up the road. Think tickets may be difficult though as capacity of 2,800. (155 seated). Apparently the draw is from the Ground at 7pm BBC 2 Tonight.
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    By election Peterborough

    Apologies, perhaps a different thread now.
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