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  1. Whingit

    Manager/Coach North Korea FC?

    Anybody else slightly concerned with KR only speaking to the club's media and nobody else? Or is it something to do with Covid?
  2. Whingit

    General U23s

    What's the point? They never play. What do Sade, Allerdyce etc do day in, day out? Surely we need to enter a league as the next part of developing the youth setup.
  3. Whingit

    General Cantona

    His speech yesterday was great. Can't believe so many people think he's crazy, rather than hugely intelligent.
  4. Whingit

    EFL Junior Agogo

    RIP. Might mellow Saturday's atmosphere a bit.
  5. Whingit

    How to sign youth players.
  6. Whingit


    Solihull on loan. Must mean things are still cordial with DE, payments being kept up with and all that.
  7. Whingit

    Transfer News Castleton Signs!
  8. Whingit

    Ask Tiger
  9. Whingit


    What a legend.
  10. Whingit

    Tim Davies

    New finance director. Good CV.
  11. Whingit

    Another nail in the coffin.
  12. Whingit

    Oxford Mail in Lack of Integrity Shock

    From Private Eye.
  13. Whingit

    So that is that.

    Window closed, everyone happy? Now it's finished I'll be less perturbed by moaning because the window can be assessed as a whole. I'm pretty happy with what we've got, and I imagine the club already have plans for January. Optimistic for the season.
  14. Whingit

    Procs Gone

    Bad news.
  15. Whingit


    Just watching Daily Politics and they had some nice footage of the Manor from SAF's first game. Are the BBC's video archives publicly available, or is old footage hard to come by?
  16. Whingit

    Fans Forum on Good Friday

    Good news.
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