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  1. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer Window Summer 21

    I imagine a lot still hinges on the ownership situation. The lack of activity must be linked to a potential change at the top. Yes, apart from LB, we already have a good squad, however, I very much doubt it would be good enough to battle for promotion without the addition of a couple of quality...
  2. Yellowblood

    Current Player Billy Bodin

    Billy Beechers Anyway, a strange signing for me. I would think a back-up for Henry? Doesn't really fit the fast winger role that KR is searching for. But definitely a player with talent and can hit a ball.
  3. Yellowblood

    Matches Oxford v West Brom extended highlights

    Damn I miss those evenings at the manor. We were always up for the games under the flood lights. Love seeing Martin “the crab” Gray on the pitch.
  4. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Players on the watch list

    With the end of the season drawing closer, the search for additions next year should hopefully be in full swing. Naturally it is difficult to plan when you are pushing for promotion, but there should be some players out there considered despite the league we are in. One that springs to mind is...
  5. Yellowblood

    General What would be your OUFC 5 a-side team?

    A work distraction..... Who would make your OUFC 5 a-side team? 1) Turley (GK) - for pure entertainment. 2) Twinkletoes Beauchamp - has to be in any OUFC team. 3) Raponi - it would be a nutmeg masterclass by the Argentinian "show pony" 4) Roofe - guaranteed great goals 5) Lundstram - a...
  6. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer window 2020/21 Blimey! That's not a bad signing :(
  7. Yellowblood

    Current Player Sam Winnall

    Welcome Sam! Hopefully he is given time to get his fitness before being thrown in. Too many occasions players not been 100% and then out for long periods later.
  8. Yellowblood

    Club Song

    Not really a sing along, but I like the idea of walking out to this
  9. Yellowblood

    Club Song

    I have to say, I do like a good a club song belted out by all before kick off. If you ever visit Anfield, City, West Ham etc, it does stir emotion before kickoff. Is there a song that we have associated with over the years that could somehow be revived?
  10. Yellowblood

    General Replanning 2020

    With the recent departures, injuries and slump in form, the likelihood of promotion (at least automatically) is getting slimer. This could ultimately mean we struggle to keep hold of Dickie and Brannigan in the summer, the loanies return, and we end up with a skeleton squad again come the...
  11. Yellowblood

    General Defensive Cover

    Perhaps a return and short term deal for welch-Hayes? He has some experience now and would probably welcome somewhere to train.
  12. Yellowblood

    General Radox 5 minute Forum

    I am not sure I agree with KR’s strategy on this one. It was inevitable that you are going to get injuries throughout the season and is why you need to recruit to either have cover in each area or players versatile enough to cover multiple positions. If I was the chairman I would say, work with...
  13. Yellowblood

    General Scruffy Goals In my opinion this is something we have suffered with under both Appleton and KR. Both want to play attractive football, which is great for the fans, however, we have struggled to revert to a more...
  14. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    To me, it sounds like we are half hearted about our recruitment with these "key" signings. I understand that agents have a lot more power these days, however, the club need someone to go out to these players and make them want to come. Yes - money talks in the end, however, players must still...
  15. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Yep, it highlights that we need to think about the management structure and whether someone who is a bit more football business savy is needed to get deals over the line. With the power of football agents today, you need someone with good connections and an understanding of how the game now...
  16. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    Ben Sahar?
  17. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    What sort of wage do you think Conor Washington would demand? Would be a good fit.
  18. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    I was surprised Charlton didn't offer Jonny Williams a contract. Although I suspect his wage demands are pretty high.
  19. Yellowblood

    Transfer News Transfer targets summer 2019

    I few I would consider. Tshimanga is a bit of a gamble.,_born_1996),_born_1987)
  20. Yellowblood

    Jerome Sinclair

    Its an interesting one. Regardless of whether we sign him or loan him, he will be on a high wage. It would be nice to think that he could develop with us next season, but my fear is his consistency and confidence. We cant afford to have a big wage player sat on the bench next season. I would...
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